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  1. Hi , Please ho to hide the contour plot un hyperview, i want to hide all the text " in the red circle " and just keep the bar Thank you
  2. Hi, please what can i modify in hyperGraph to show the other iterations ? Thank you
  3. Hi, Thank very much for your help, i did exactly what you said but i had not the result . there is a mistake in what i did ? Thank you
  4. Hi, Please i used the Control Cards>> DENSITY>> FIle format>> TOPO to output density for elements of Design space for each iteration in file .DENS. and i want now to plot a histogram that for that for example for the iteration 0 i want to plot a histogram that shows the number of elemens that haves a density between 0.1 and 0.19, the number of elements that have density between [0.2 , 0.29] number of elements that have density between [0.3 , 0.39 ] and going on until 1 Please how can i donig this ? Thank you very much
  5. Can you help me please i cant found the TOPO option in density control card Thank you very much
  6. Hi, In the case of sub-components forming part of a global structure, the contribution to the total compliance of the subcomponents can be very small, even if the surrounding structure is condensed into a super-element. This contribution can be detailed by calculating the deformation energy of the elements constituting the subcomponent. and this is my problem right now, i want to optimize my Design_Space ( in red ) with objective minimze compliance and Cstr= Volfrac=30% but the compliance of my design space = 3E+2 and the total compliance=6e+7, so it's negligible. so i tried to use an OFFSET of the objective, i tried to use a LOG equations to make the difference between the two compliances in the same scale.. but all that didn't work ! There is a solution to have a result please ? Best
  7. Hi, Please i want to use the LOG equation to change the base of my résults of the topology optimization ( like an offset in compliance to maximise thenumber of iterations ) but i dont know what i should use , the natural logarithm or the common logarithm ? Best Regard
  8. Hi, how can i extract the density value of each element after a topoly optimisation result toward an Excel table for example ? Best regard
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