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    Good morning raul, thank you for your answer. I have already read the previous discussion about submodeling. I made my model thanks to the pdf file attached to that topic. My problem is that with only 3d elements I can correctly run the analysis, while introducing in the set of the global model elements 3d and 1d, like rbe2 cbeam and crod, the analysis doesn't work well. I can't consult the file indicated in the pdf since I have version 14 of hyperworks and I can't find it in the indicated path. Thanks again for your answer
  2. Hi, I'm fabio, a mechanical engineering student. I have a problem with submodeling in hypermesh. The model to be analyzed includes three bodies joined together with some rigids, crod and cbeam elements. When I go to gather all the elements within a single set, the analysis of the global model seems not to take into account the rigids that connect the bodies. I used a set with card image: SET-ELEM, to group the 3d elements, rigids and crod. Can you tell me if there is a type of set that allows the analysis to take into account these types of elements? Thanks for your help
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