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  1. Hello qchen, if you didn't knew it, there is an email flux_support_emea@altair.com where you can ask your quesions also. Normally they respond quickly. About the User function I'm going to ask them. I will send you the answer here. Best regards.
  2. Hello qchen, I also want to create a function like this. Do you already know how to do this? Thank you in advance. Best regards.
  3. Hello, Thank you for your Response. But how can I use a face as a contact? I always get face/line intersection or sth. else. Thanks.
  4. Hello, Thank you. I didn't want to delete the line. The error arose when I wanted to make the command: "cut two lines on their intersections". The automatic repairing didn't work on this Geometry. Best regards.
  5. EmSt

    Meshed Coil - Error

    Hello, Thank you for your answer. How there can be a different number of points, when the existing and the entering face is the same face? Could the reason why it doe't work be, that the Coils other points wasn't symmetric to the reference plane(entering/exiting face)?: I made a cut on another reference plane(through the 4 lines defined by the subtracted cylinders) and then it works. Best regards.
  6. Hello, is there any possibility to define a contact (line or Point) between two volumes? Or is a little distance between two independent volumes necessary? Thank you.
  7. Hello, I imported a Geometry. As usual there are some intersection which I want to repair in the Healing Context. Now I want to delete a line-line-intersection and get the following error message: What does it mean? Thank you in advance.
  8. Hello, I want to import a geometry from STEP-file. But I get the following error message: I also tried to import the different volumes from the geometry on their own and it works. I only get for one of the volumes this message. I don't know why and what could be different to the other volumes. Does already anyone had this Problem too and knows what I can do? Thank you a lot in advance.
  9. Hello, I never used periodicities, but I used symmetries. Your problem may be the formulations for the non-meshed coils: Did you tried to change in "Edit Coil" --> "Electrical" --> "Symmeries and periodicities: ..." between "in series" or "parallel"? An other possibility to change the boundary conditions are face regions. You can try to set them on the faces between the periodicities. I hope this would help you a little bit.
  10. Hello, I tried to modle a meshed coil. I defined two cylinders and made a subtraction. Then I made a cut object. Now I have a face for the enternal and exiting face (one of the orange faces). Then I made a coil conductor Region. After that I wanted to "orient wired of coil conductor regons". I want Internal terminals. So I selected one of the two faces from the "cut object"- Operation. After that I checked the physics: I don't know what is wrong. What can I do to solve the Problem? Thank you in advance.
  11. Hello, here is a screenshot of the link: I made an assembly of the compressile area and the mobile part. But I don't know if the results are correct with this asembly. Ans is it necessary to make this assembly, because without the assembly I can't solve the poblem? Or is there an other way to model the compressile area around the mobile part? I want to get the forces on the moving part for different positions. The Application is "Transient magnetics". So I made a solving Scenario with different distances between the moving and the fixed part. Here is an example of my model (without mesh): flux_support_assembly.FLU (2).zip Thank you.
  12. Hello, I make a transient magnetics 3D model. Around the moving part I make a box with compressible area, like in the user guide: file:///mnt/nfs/clients/CAE/Flux/Flux12.3/Help/Flux/english/Website/index.html?FluxGuideDutilisation1 Is it necessary to make, in the modeler Context, an assembly between the moving part and the box with the compresible area? Because without I didn't get any force as result. Or is the result with the assembly therefore falsified? Thank you in advance.
  13. Thanks, but is it possible to plot the current density, when the coil is non meshed? Because it doesn't show anything: To understand: Flux simulates with the line section a coil, which has all ist wires in one Surface (like a coil with a thin wall/ all wires have the same radius). And with the Rectangular section it models a coil wich wires have different radius. Is this assumption right? Thank you in advance.
  14. Tank you very much. What is a phase resistance? And is this the same as the resistance of the wires from the coil? Thanks and best regards.
  15. Hello, thanks for your respond. I already solved this Problem. Are there any conditions which the CAD-Geometry has to comply? Because in the CAD-geometry were only faces. And after converting it into solids it works. Can't Flux deal with face-geometries and it always has to consist of solids? Thank you.
  16. Hello, I have to model a coil with the resistance of 2Ohm. How can I realize it? The Application is "transient Magnetic 3D". In the Editor for a non meshed coil i can define the reistivity of the coil. But I only know th resistance of it. I can't use the formula resistance=resistivity*length/A because I don't know the length of the wire. In the circuit Editor conextI use a coil conductor. There I can define a resistance. Is this the same? Thanks.
  17. Hello, I modeled a cicular coil. In the coil section I can choose between rectangle and line. Both possibilities want to define the heigth and the width. I tried both with the same heigth and the same width, but get different solutions. What is the difference between the selections? Thank you in advance.
  18. Hello, I want to import an IGES-file. But when it works, it only loads to 65 % and then the flux-program shut down. What can be wrong? There doesn't appear any error or warning or sth. else. Thanks.
  19. Is it also possible to make a magnetic cut on my own? Like defining a new face inside the volume of the magnetic circuit?
  20. Hello, there is sometimes the case that the flux-window closes itself and doesn't safe the last modifications. This always happenens at new modifications. Is there any possibility to restore the model? Thanks.
  21. Thank you very much. Therefore I have to make a little Region around the magnetic circuit with the same mechanical set as the magnetic circuit has? In this example rotation? In my example the magnetic circuit is fixed and there is another part moving. The Region around the fixed and moving part is compressible. Is it also possible to define only the space around the moving part, not touching the magnetic circuit, compressible? And the air around the magnetic circuit fixed? Like in the user guide file:///mnt/nfs/clients/CAE/Flux/Flux12.3/Help/Flux/english/Website/index.html?FluxGuideDutilisation1 the second case? Thank you.
  22. Hello, I have a magnetic circuit and need to make a magnetic circuit cut. The region of this magnetic circuit has the mechanical set "fixed". Outside this circuit is the Region air with the mechanical set "compressible". Now I get the following message: How can I solve this Problem. The mechanical sets are important. Thank you in advance.
  23. I found it out. The slope of the last two Points has to be Mu0: [ H(end) - H(end-1) ] / [ B(end) - B(end-1) ] = Mu0 So I set H(end) and calculated with the formula the appendent B(end).
  24. Hi, Thank you. But which value has to be 1? The magnetic flux density? Because I think that doesn't make sense if B has to be 1. That would be mean, that you can never reach a magnetic flux density higher than 1. In the table of the material I have to specify B [T] and H [A/m]. My last value of B is 2.15 T and not 2.5915... like in the warning message. What does Flux mean with "The final permeability is ...". because the final permeability is B(end)/H(end)=0.000036376105. Is this really the final permeability? Or how can I get it? Thanking you in advance.
  25. Hello, I wanted to make a B-H curve by a spline through given points. After the physical check the following warning appears: What does it mean? I tried to make an increase between the last two points of Mu0% but the warning appears again. Thank you.
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