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  1. Alex Nguyen

    Geometry is sudden transparent

    Thanks Pranav Hari Best Regards
  2. Alex Nguyen

    Geometry is sudden transparent

    Hi every one, I'm a newbie. Now I get a problem in HyperMesh that after I edit geometry ( extend, copy, trim v.v...), my geometry is transparent suddenly. I don't know how to correcting it. Please explain about this case for me. Tks all
  3. Can you attach this scrip file on here? Thank you
  4. Alex Nguyen

    Large Compliance Problems

    Yes, I'm very thank you. Maybe I mistaked about MPC. Best regards
  5. Alex Nguyen

    Large Compliance Problems

    Dear Mr. Rahul R Thank you for your answer. I attached figure of constraint position. These are two overlapped plates. In fact, these two places connect together by welding. So I used MPC to connect these plates and I create SPC on end of plate's hole (square hole). In this model, load is only GRAV. Whether something's wrong in my constraints (SPC on nodes) or not? I'm be grateful your helping. Best Regards
  6. Alex Nguyen

    Large Compliance Problems

    Hi everyone, I am a newbie. I'm working with respect to Static Linear and Buckling Linear. I have a problem with my model when I run OptiStruct. Those are errors about "Large Compliance", although I created constraints SPC for model. Please check my .out file attached and help me. Thank you very much 32-44722_23.out
  7. Alex Nguyen

    Element Duplication (Overlapped)

    Hi Nut, I was already read method to fix duplicate (overlapped) elements, but although I checked by F10 as below method of Mr.George, Hypermesh can't find and delete overlapped elements. After I checked manually and have been existing Overlapped elements. Please help me about this prolem. Sincerely Alex Han
  8. Alex Nguyen

    QI mesh Creation

    Hi Mr. Rahul Ponginan I'm a newest person working with HyperWorks. I have been started studying HyperMesh Tutorials module and QI Mesh Creation Section. I have a little question about that. I'm using the model file, planar.hm for section. When I open model and go to QUALITY INDEX, the comp. Q.I is 3374.08, but in tutorial content written that:" On the right-hand side of the panel, note the value for comp. Q.I=. It should read 85.09"( see below figure). I feel may be have a prolem with my HyperMesh because in the same model and mesh presentation, but comp. Q.I is different between my computer and Tutorial Content. Please explain for me about this prolem. Best Regards