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  1. Hi every one. I'm a newbie with SimLab. I have problem with re-mesh after modify value MeshControl (MC). First, I create Mesh Control by IsoLine with as video. Next, I change value in MC, and I use option "Remesh" to operate mesh. But, the mesh seem not like request in MC (after modify). Do I have to delete all mesh and re-operate again or do anything else? Thanks for interested Best Regards CuteScreenRecorder-1560-813_(new).mp4
  2. Thanks so much you @tinh and @Q.Nguyen-Dai I've done Best Regards
  3. HI @matthampton and @DawnPeterson As above tutorials, You should not equivalence "couple nodes". Make ensure that One node in number ID is "a", and another node which number ID is "b" . You let try. I had finish it. Thank you everyone Best Regards
  4. Hi everyone I have a prolem about import a excel file include material information (Young module, poison, thermal expansion, density ...) in HyperMesh. Shall I save this excel file into .csv and how to import it in HyperMesh? And how to HyperMesh understand positions of information as Young module, poison, density v.v.. I don't have basic base about writing code so I hope everyone help me. Thanks all Best Regards
  5. Dear everyone Now I have a problem with dihedral angle of face elems too small. I've already checked and found these elems ( tria elems). But I don't know how to modify them. Do I have to remesh or use any tool in order to modify directly? Please help me Thank you and Best Regards
  6. Dear everyone, Now I want to create Working_Dir on file button as figure below. But I don't know how to set environment. Please help me what procedure to make it. Thanks all
  7. Thank you Mr.Tinh Yeah, I understood. I'm very sorry for forget answer question of @Q.Nguyen-Dai. My goal of using MPC is calculate Nonlinear Static Structure( stress, displacement, deformation). Really I also only know that much. I'm be grateful Mr.Tinh so much. I remember this is third time you support me about MPC problem. Thank you so much Best regard @tinh and @Q.Nguyen-Dai
  8. Dear Mr. Tinh and Mr. Q.Nguyen Dai I have a assembly structure between bolt and hole. My mission has to connect them together by match node and MPC node. (green line in below figure) Weight factor of Dependent node= -1 and Weight factor of Independent = +1 for each DOF But after I create mesh bolt and hole (ensure match node), then I create MPC, and MPC warn that " DOF on grid 704 appears twice in equation, please modify dof selections". I also wonder why need create MPC while these nodes ( between bolt and hole) were matched together (coincident node). Or maybe because these nodes were matched together so MPC can not created? Thank so much Mr. Tinh and Mr. Q.Nguyen Dai
  9. Hi everyone, Now I have a problem deal with create MPC for 3D element. My components include 2 parts fix together (bolt and plate). At thread match position, I want to create MPC connection between thread and hole But it apprears error " DOF on grid 704 appears twice in equation, please modify dof selections". Whether I made MPC connection rightly or not? Thanks guys
  10. Hi Mr.Tinh I used "review" button, but result that only show final dof ( see attach figure). How to show all 6 dofs and weight equation? Thanks so much Mr.Tinh Best Regard.
  11. Hi everyone, I have a matter about display information of dofs and weight MPC. After I updated MPC for every dof equation, I want to see information of dofs and weight. But I don't know to show all these information. Now I only can find result of dof equation at final dof after updating. Thanks and Best Regards
  12. Thank you Mr. Tinh Assuming I create line at shear center and connect lines together by RBE2. That's alright ? Best regards
  13. Hi everyone, I have some matters with 1D element. In beam structure, connecting locations by welding include shape steels as channel and angle steel (nonsymmetrical section) . Absolutely, we shall model these steels into lines. Shall we create lines on shear center or neutral axis ? What case is suitable for behavior in real-life? Thank you everyone Best Regards.
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