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  1. Thank you so much @Hyperman I got it. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!
  2. Hello everyone, Happy New year :) Now I have a problem with HyperMesh deal with showing size quality check and aspect quality check. I want to display only Size quality check or only Aspect quality check. How to do it? I'm using HW2019.1 Thanks so much Best Regard
  3. Hi @Q.Nguyen-Dai Thank you so much about your sharing. I got it. Best Regards
  4. Hi @Q.Nguyen-Dai I want to show 3D mesh like second picture. It seem " shade view" with component color. (see figure) Thank you Best Regards
  5. Hi everyone. I have a problem with display mesh. Now I want to display mesh as below figure. I tried use option " Wireframe Elements Skin Only" but mesh was displayed not same which I want. Thank everyone for interested. Best Regards
  6. Thank @Rahul R I got it. Thank you so much. Best Regards
  7. Hi @Rahul R About defining output, will I make it on what procedure? Please teach me about define stress results output. Thank you
  8. Hi everyone. Now I want to active (stick) field "User corner data" as figure. But my HyperView can't active this one. I don't know why. I'm using HyperView 2019.1 Thank all Best Regards
  9. Hi every one. I'm a newbie with SimLab. I have problem with re-mesh after modify value MeshControl (MC). First, I create Mesh Control by IsoLine with as video. Next, I change value in MC, and I use option "Remesh" to operate mesh. But, the mesh seem not like request in MC (after modify). Do I have to delete all mesh and re-operate again or do anything else? Thanks for interested Best Regards CuteScreenRecorder-1560-813_(new).mp4
  10. Thanks so much you @tinh and @Q.Nguyen-Dai I've done Best Regards
  11. HI @matthampton and @DawnPeterson As above tutorials, You should not equivalence "couple nodes". Make ensure that One node in number ID is "a", and another node which number ID is "b" . You let try. I had finish it. Thank you everyone Best Regards
  12. Hi everyone I have a prolem about import a excel file include material information (Young module, poison, thermal expansion, density ...) in HyperMesh. Shall I save this excel file into .csv and how to import it in HyperMesh? And how to HyperMesh understand positions of information as Young module, poison, density v.v.. I don't have basic base about writing code so I hope everyone help me. Thanks all Best Regards
  13. Dear everyone Now I have a problem with dihedral angle of face elems too small. I've already checked and found these elems ( tria elems). But I don't know how to modify them. Do I have to remesh or use any tool in order to modify directly? Please help me Thank you and Best Regards
  14. Dear everyone, Now I want to create Working_Dir on file button as figure below. But I don't know how to set environment. Please help me what procedure to make it. Thanks all
  15. Thank you Mr.Tinh Yeah, I understood. I'm very sorry for forget answer question of @Q.Nguyen-Dai. My goal of using MPC is calculate Nonlinear Static Structure( stress, displacement, deformation). Really I also only know that much. I'm be grateful Mr.Tinh so much. I remember this is third time you support me about MPC problem. Thank you so much Best regard @tinh and @Q.Nguyen-Dai
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