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  1. Thank you so much. I understood your teach. Because of security so that I can't show my model for you. But I will try to make mesh by my capacity. If impossible, maybe I will discuss with customer about Good TET as you said. I'm very happy for your support. Once, thank you so much Best Regard
  2. I analysis linear static structure. But solid is same " tetra shape" solid. Customer request all mesh in Hexa. Haizzz. I have no many experient with Hexa. Do you have Zalo or Facebook, If possible I can contact you by Vietnamese easier for hyperworks. Thank you so much
  3. First. I made 2d quad mesh on surface of solid ( two segment on every egde). After, I create tetra mesh base on 2d quad mesh. Some tetra was created inside solid. And next step, I used "split hexa" option to change tetra to hexa. BUT elements segment of edge increase. ( like image) How to unchange segment versus original?
  4. Hi everyone, I want to make hexa mesh from tetra mesh for solid. I used "Split into hexas", but result is changed number elements on boundary surface ( not like original ) How to keep number elements on boundary surface? Best Regard
  5. Hi @Q.Nguyen-Dai and @Adriano A. Koga About Reaction Force of SPC, I finished it. But about displacement of "applied force point", is It belong to GP (Post >> Free Body >> Displacement) or not? I think It will be exported by displacement of node. Because when I use "Post >> Free Body >> Displacement", I don't find loadstep !! Thank you so much
  6. dear @Q.Nguyen-Dai Thank you so much. I also want to ask difference between GPforce and SPCforce? Can you explain a little about this for me? Best Regard
  7. Dear @Q.Nguyen-Dai In my HyperView, not have Reaction code (only have Displacement and Stress 2D/3D). Please teach me make it \
  8. Hi everyone, I'm make result for hexa element structure I want to show reaction force on arbitrary node but impossible. Please teach me about this
  9. Dear @Q.Nguyen-Dai I use HW 2019.0 License Network. If so, I 'm going to update new version Thank you very much
  10. Hi everyone, I use BY THICKNESS option in order to check thickness for shell property. ( I use HW2019.0) But HW GUI display on THICKNESS VALUES-RANGED, not in THICKNESS VALUES-DISCRETE. How to change mode RANGED to DISCRETE in HW Thanks all Best Regard
  11. Dear @Q.Nguyen-Dai Yes, I made as your thinking. I have just found answer for my question. When I review panel on element gives me DoF, it also give me the PROPERTY of element which I make review. It's right as you said, Value was linked element to a Property (PELAS in your case) Thanks @Q.Nguyen-Dai very much for your support
  12. Tks @Q.Nguyen-Dai Now I want to check K value of a element. I choose element and I want to know K value of that element. Because I have 3 Kx,Ky,Kz for a couple node. So I want to re-check Best Regard
  13. Where is "Property Editor" in HyperMesh? Please teach me.
  14. Dear @Q.Nguyen-Dai My CARD Image is PELAS, after I created Spring Element. I want to re-check K factor but still not yet. I also use REVIEW option of spring but I only see dofs.
  15. Hi everyone, I have just created several spring elements with K=1.05 (Elastic property Value). I want to review Elastic property Value (K) of these spring element but impossible. How to review Elastic property Value of Spring Element? Thanks everyone!
  16. Hello everyone, I've simulated shell structure (Linear static) and got stress contour. But I don't know how to realize Membrane and Bending Stress Value. Please help me this matter. Thanks a lot
  17. Dear @Q.Nguyen-Dai Thank you for your sharing. I also think HyperWorks X shall be used perfectly 1-2 years later. Best Regards
  18. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie with HyperWorks X. And I'm looking for relation between classic HyperMesh and HyperWorks X. I alway use tool "Display" in classic HyperMesh, and now I want to find it in HyperWorks X. But It is impossible !!! Thanks everyone for interested my topic Best Regard
  19. Dear @Koushik Chandrashekhar I got it. Thank you so much Best Regard
  20. Hi everyone, Have a good new week !!! Now I have just make FEM with 3D elements (HyperMesh 2019.1) and I want to check Aspect Quality. I have been known about "qualityindex" option in 2D panel but I didn't find it in 3D panel. How to do it for my case? Thank you everyone for your interested. Best Regard
  21. Thank you so much @Hyperman I got it. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!
  22. Hello everyone, Happy New year :) Now I have a problem with HyperMesh deal with showing size quality check and aspect quality check. I want to display only Size quality check or only Aspect quality check. How to do it? I'm using HW2019.1 Thanks so much Best Regard
  23. Hi @Q.Nguyen-Dai Thank you so much about your sharing. I got it. Best Regards
  24. Hi @Q.Nguyen-Dai I want to show 3D mesh like second picture. It seem " shade view" with component color. (see figure) Thank you Best Regards
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