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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to export an isoline picture in .png format by using the Project->print view in file. The default picture size is 1280x1024 and this is how is looks. This picture is not clear enough in my paper. So I change the picture size to 2560x2048 to try to get a picture of more DPI, but it turns out to be more blurry than the 1280x1024 one. My questions: Why is it more blurry with a larger picture size? Is there another way to export a figure with high DPI? Thanks!
  2. Hi could you please show how to do this in Flux? Thank you.
  3. Hi all, I want to realize the model below in Transient Magnetic 2D. I_slot_1 and I_slot_2 are two points with induced current I_m * cos(wt), I_slot_3 and I_slot_4 with induced I_m * cos(wt - 2*pi/3) and I_slot_4 and I_slot_6 with induced current I_m * cos(wt + 2*pi/3). The pattern is repeated for the rest poles. I tried to do this with Point region of coil conductor region as below. But I can't slove it with the Failed execution message and I don't know where the problem is. Anyone know how to solve this problem? Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Chen
  4. Not yet. The flux support pointed out what I exactly want to do but didn't give further details on how to realize it.
  5. Dear all, I'd like to look at the MMF (magnetomotive force) distribution of airgap/rotor/stator of a synchronous reluctance machine so I can do FFT analysis. A lot of papers mention their MMF results based on FEM but I don't know how to do that in Flux. Does anyone know how to do it? Kind regards, Chen
  6. Thank you this it exactly what I wanted to do! So how can I realize this by "User" in Flux?
  7. That's great! Actually I (and many other Flux users I believe) find out there is little information about using Python to manipulate Flux, which is a very powerful way to make more use of Flux. If the Flux development group can provide more material/tutorials on this subject in the future, it's going to be very helpful for Flux users, especially for those who already have some knowledge of Python. Kind regards, Chen
  8. Hi, When trying to create new geometric or I/O parameter using formula, there is the option of "User function". How do I create and use my own function "func" such that I can use it like I use the function "Sin"? (I tried "Edit user function" but don't know what to do next...) For example, I want to use such a function (just as an example, function can be something else and much more complicated): func(para1, para2, para3) return(para1**(para3-para2)) Hope I made my question clear. Kind regards, Chen
  9. Hi, I want to use a 3rd party Python module (numpy, which I successfully installed in Python 2.7) in Flux. When I tried ' import numpy' in command prompt in Flux the error comes as Can not execute the following command : import numpy Problem to import the module : numpy Enter sys.path to see if this module is accessible from your jython session I guess my problem is the 3rd party module is not installed in C:\Altair\Flux_12.3\Third_party\python. So how can I install and use 3rd party Python modules in Flux? Kind regards, Chen
  10. Dear Yann, Thanks for you reply. I tried to run the flux_mp.py as you suggested with Python 2.7.15, but the error ' NameError: name 'FMP_startLocaleServer' is not defined ' shows up (I already changed the working directory in the FMP_startLocaleServer function). May I ask why? Kind regards, Qibin
  11. Hi, everyone This may seem a dumb question. I need to do some repetitive work in Flux. I know I can use the python editor to in Flux to run some commands, but what I am trying to do is to use python IDE to run the python commands to load FLU project and of course do other stuff such as changing parameter and post processing, without having to open Supervisor to launch the project and do work in Flux as what people usually do. I can not find any useful material related to this...so if someone can tell me how to do this, or give an example/tutorial, it would be of great help. Thanks! PS: I've tried similar work by using MATLAB, but changing the python command into MATLAB command is really hideous work... Kind regards, Qibin Chen
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