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  1. Hi, I need to model the translational stiffness of a joint with a curve. It is possible to choose, inside the panel, the independent variable. What I have to model is that my joint has to deform in relation of the force that the other bodies transfer to this. Should I change the Independent variable and set the force as the variable? Thanks for the help Stefano
  2. Hi, I'm interested in the same topic. I need to model a nonlinear spring having a curve. I tried to download the .zip file but it is corrupted. What should I do in order to realize a mass spring damper system using a nonlinear characteristic?
  3. Hi, I want to know how to enable the mspost command on my windows pc in order to obtain a .h3d during the simulation, without killing it. Thanks for the help Stefano
  4. Hi, I need to modelize a wheel by using a rigid cylinder and allowing its the compliance by a revolute joint. I, also, have to give a motion to that joint. I realized that it is impossible to give it. What should I do? Are there any tutorials that could help me in the use of revolute joints? Thanks Stefano
  5. Hi, I need to know what should I put into the curve as x and y variables in order to obtain the curves for translational stiffness. Thanks Stefano
  6. Thanks Prakash, here I reed Ktx and Kty but I want to refer a unique radial stiffness. How can I do that?
  7. Hello Praful, I desire to know how can I express a radial stiffness to a compliant joint and how to give, as input, a curve. Thanks Stefano
  8. Hi, I need some help in the use of bushings. I need to know the right way to use it. I tried to read the Online Help but I didn't understand how to use it. What is the difference between the use of a compliant revolute jont and a bushing? Thanks Stefano
  9. Hi, I want to know if the marker will follow a certain direction in its movement, i.e. I want to know which kind of marker of the bodies tab I have to use
  10. Hi, I have a question. I want to know how to set properly the markers on a body. I've seen that I can activate three kind of markers on a body: CM coordinates; Inertia Coordsys; Body Coordsys. What are the differencies? I have the model of a car that is moving thanks to a constant rotational speed applied on the wheels. If I want to steer my vehicle, which kind of marker allows me to define the correct rotational speed vector? In other words, I want to know how can I define a coordinate system that moves with my body/graphic. Thanks Stefano
  11. Hi, during a simulation with MotionSolve, I get the following error. Althought it is described, I don't understand how to fix it.
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