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  1. Hi Christian, To edit the legend font size, you must right click on the legend and change the font size. hope this helps you. Thanks, Priyanka N
  2. Hi Ric, Thanks for your reply. Regards, Priyanka
  3. Hi, Need help in finding the frequency value of the signal samples in a text file.(attached) In the text file, the first column represents the time and the second column represent the output value.System properties setup is shown below. I tried few examples available in embed to find the frequency value. In a plot block by selecting the “Frequency Domain” option located in the “plot/Options” tab. Another way by using FFT block I am not sure whether its showing correct frequency value for the set of samples and is this the way to find frequency value or any other way. Please help me out in finding the frequency value for this example. Thank you, Regards, Priyanka samples.txt sine_wave.vsm sine_wave_1.vsm
  4. Hello Berker, This issue is rectified in 2018.1 build which will be released soon. Thank you Priyanka N
  5. Hello Mayank Das, It Seems the matrix block (Signal based) is getting a data from the modelica block (physical based). Data to the matrix expressions chunks. This cause the interruption to the block. To avoid the error, convert the physical based data to signal based data. Requesting you to share the model for reference. Thank you Priyanka N
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