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  1. Hello, For this region, I use thermal conducting region with possible thermal source and a solid conductor region. I put again the file here, maybe the uploading did not work before. Thanks. Regards Test_1.FLU.zip
  2. Thanks a lot, I have corrected the model befor your answer and yes, it's work. Then, I modify a little the model to have thin region between electrodes and layers to simulate contact resistance and I have the same problem, I don't understand why ? Best regards.Test_1.FLU.zip
  3. Yes, this is the project 1_Prueba_30_solved.FLU.zip
  4. Hi ! I don't understand why at the second time iteration, the solver crash. I have change the solving options, it didn't change anything... Thanks for your help !
  5. Thanks a lot ! The problems are the symmetries, I do it again, better.
  6. Hi ! I have tried to build faces from the geometry menu and I have the error : Geometry is not correct and must be corrected. What can I do ? Why this error ? For information, I am trying to follow the tutorial of the example MagnetoThermal in 3D. Thanks in advance.
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