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  1. Hi Rahul, Is there a way to resolve the normal X stresses (which can be regarded as local stresses) in the ply direction to global X stresses in the coordinate system for the composite? Thanks, Evan
  2. Hi, I see. However, increasing the element length will affect the contour during the post-processing. Regarding the simulation is more to implicit, I have looked through the large displacement tensile test tutorial in Optistruct. However, it seems to me that it overlaps with the experimental data to simulate. Any idea how to determine the tensile strength without coinciding with the experimental data ?
  3. Hi all, Thanks for the reference pdf earlier. I have managed to get the RADIOSS engine to run the tensile test of using MAT LAW 25 and PROP P17 STACK (similar to PCOMPP) for my multiple-ply composite. However, the results don't seem to converge and it is taking a very long time to run considering this is just a shell. I couldn't figure what is the problem behind. Could you guide me on this ? CARBON LAMINATES- Tensile 2.hm
  4. Hi, I know this is a very basic question but still, I need some clarifications. Let's say I have an 8-ply rectangular composite and is subjected to 52kN of axial force on the cross-sectional area. However, I modelled the composite in shell and assigned the thickness properties in HyperLaminate. The question is when I apply the force of 52kN on the edge of the shell, will each and every ply will be subjected to 52kN OR the 52kN force must be divided (let's say 9 edges) before assigning to the shell ? I am confused with this so your help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi Ivan, Thanks for your quick response. However, I am simulating a plane stress and linear elastic composite condition, therefore dir 3 modulus is ignored. Do you have any recommendation of MAT LAW for stacked composite which is suitable for linear elastic condition? There is one MAT LAW, however, it is aimed towards isotropic material with only one Elastic modulus. I am planning to extract quite a few things (ply stresses, general Exx and Eyy, stress-strain curve and mesh convergence curve) to validate the experimental data.
  6. Hi, I have encountered errors E11, E22, G12 not defined even though I have defined them. My purpose is to produce a stress-strain curve and mesh convergence curve out of the tensile test of 1mm/min rate. Please advice the appropriate solution for me to proceed. CARBON LAMINATES- Tensile.hm
  7. Hi, I am looking into composite modelling of different crack orientation (30 deg, 45deg, etc...) and analysis of crack propagation using HyperMesh for my final year project. I would like to know if HyperMesh is capable of doing it and if yes, can anyone guide me with links to the appropriate modelling steps for crack analysis, please ?
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