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  1. Hi everybody! I've got quite exactly the same problem as Shahrokh. I'm trying to create a contact between a flex- and a rigidbody. I already made the Tutorials mentioned above but the problem is that it is not possible to make a deformable surface out of my flexbody. I always recieve the error: can't read "Xnode()": no such element in array can't read "Xnode()": no such element in array while executing "model$mangle AppendMdl "*SetPoint( p_[expr $BaseNumber + $additive], $Xnode($curr_node), $Ynode($curr_node), $Znode($curr_node) ) "" (procedure "::model::_private::Surface_Macro::CreateMarkers" line 364) invoked from within "::model::_private::Surface_Macro::CreateMarkers" ("eval" body line 1) invoked from within "# Compiled -- no source code available error "called a copy of a compiled script"" (procedure "::hwt::ReleaseCanvasButton" line 1) invoked from within "::hwt::ReleaseCanvasButton 0 .modelPanel.surfCreate.btnGenerate" (command bound to event) Could somebody help my understanding where my fault is?
  2. Hello ppraf, I've got the same problem as St.Schubert. Could you explain your solution a bit more precisely? kind regards
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