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  1. I currently use the OptiStruct Version 2017.2.0.13. isn't it the last version? If not i will ask to my IT service for an update but it can take some time. I'll back to you when it's done. Thank you for your quick answer. Frederic.
  2. Hi guys, I'm doing a shape optimization on some elements of a 2D Pshell and a size optimization of the shell with optistructoptions : -nt=8 -ln=12000 and i've got an error at the end of the iteration 0 : **** Error 8016 in datamr() during "expand" operation. Data block name "ielmlstsol". Current memory allocation 2864 MB, Unused memory 2510 MB, Number of blocks: 576 used, 22 free. Expanding from 1 MB to 23 MB Need at least 22 MB free (1 MB more than allocated). *** INTERNAL PROGRAMMING ERROR # 8020 *** Failed database modify command: Expanding array ielmlstsol.' * DATAMANAGER ERROR in subroutine "EXPAND". Here is the .out file if needed Thanks in advance, Frederic. shape_size.out
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