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  1. Hi, the files (.rad, .out .h3d, t01 and so on) are attached. Thank you
  2. There is no friction factor defined...
  3. So the simulation results are correct? I made another simulation yesterday. This was a simulation of a sphere impacting a rigid wall. The sphere had the same property, material and initial velocity as the aluminium cylinder above. There was no slight decrease in the total energy. Due to this i am not shure about the above decrease
  4. Hi, the HE is constant 0, due to the usage of solid element formulation 14 (full integrated). The HE; IE and KE curves are attached. The model is really simple. It is a cylinder (with solid elements) impacting a rigid wall.
  5. Hello together, At the moment I am working on impact simulations in Radioss. I have an aluminium cylinder (solid elements, MAT Law 2, Initial Velocity) impacting a rigid wall. The total energy (TE = KE + IE) should be constant, but there is a jump in the curve. The DTE curve remains constant. The external work shows a decrease, too. Is my simulation correct? Should i use the DTE curve instead of the TE curve for validation?
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