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  1. If I use 3D tetra, there is created error component. In this case what should I do? I should modify stp file? Or there is a way to do something after creating error component?
  2. I have a question about order. If I mesh my model as 2nd order, there was an error. Therefore I mesh it as 1st order, then use change order form 1st to 2nd. The jacobian is still 1.0, the model could be meshed 2nd order. Is there any difference between the model meshed as 2nd order directly and the model changed 1st order to 2nd?
  3. Thanks Tanuj, I see, but our amesim cannot use 64 bit right now. I have to ask admin person next update....
  4. VAL1


    Hello, Rahul I sent fem file the other day. Could you see it ?
  5. VAL1


    I could clear the element problem, but another error occurred... Could you find the cause?
  6. VAL1


    I understand that we cannot change element type from card edit. we need to set from 2D⇒elem types panel.
  7. VAL1


    Hello, But CTRIA3 is used in PAABSF and input Panel,(boundary condition) So I cannot delete CTRIA3. How should I do?
  8. VAL1


    I'd like to analyze harmonic response with fluid grid. I set PAABSF as non reflect boundary condition. but these elements occurred errors. What is the problem?
  9. Thank you! But I think this calculates steel container. I want to handle air or fluid itself...
  10. I'd like to get resonance frequency below picture object. It is filled with R134a(air). Is it possible? how to set?
  11. Hello, Pranav I couldn't understand whether it adapt to my question or not .... Could you explain?
  12. I'd like to simulate modal analysis with slide contact. Is it possible to calculate by optistruct? I'm concerning about rigid body mode...
  13. Thank you! I can use Mat3 for orthotropic material. But I mean the attached file. in case of Al, If it is stretched 73GPa, pressing 71GPa. what card should I use in this situation?
  14. To be accurate, Material's Young modulus is different according to pressing and pulling. Can I set the two value for 1 material?
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