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  1. Hello Prakash Pagadala, I have problem with setting a sine function. A sine wave can be divided into 2 halves. The 1st half is 0~180 degree while the Y value is positive. The 2nd half is 180~360 degree while the Y value is negative. If I want to create I sine function with different amplitudes for 1st half and 2nd half, how do I create such expression? For example, there are two sine functions as below: A1*SIN(TIME*360D) ------- F1 A2* SIN(TIME*360D) ------- F2 0~0.5 sec, I want to use function F1 (namely 1st half of F1) 0.5~1.0 sec, I want to use function F2 (namely 2nd half of F2) How do I integrate above two expressions into one expression? Thank you so much for your help!
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