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  1. いつもお世話になっております。 只今、CFRPパイプに部分的に肉盛り積層したような物を解析しています。 Optistructにおいて断面係数および断面二次モーメントは計算出力出来ますか。 よろしくお願いいたします。
  2. HI, I do not know whether it is Lines, but I created a node set in advance on HyperMesh as shown in the figure. The graph gets displacement, but I simply want to know the position of the node. (Cross-sectional shape of deformation; for example, the second image below) Is there a nice way? Thank you.
  3. Hi, So, As a result I would like to see the deformation of the central section. (Node data in CSV format) As you probably would use Tracing, how is the central cross section seen? I made a set list of nodes in advance, but it can not be specified in HyperView's Tracing.
  4. Thank you for reply So I solved the problem. It seems to be caused by having made multiple Laminates. Thank you very much.
  5. Thank you for reply I understand that I use the same elements, but I do not know the idea to fix this modeling. I thought it was a good idea to create several Sets and apply the same elements ... For the time being, laminate information does not use the same ply.CFRP-PIPE-Asymmetric laminated.hm Perhaps, can not you create a pipe like this?
  6. Hello,Forums I am doing analysis of a unique CFRP pipe by Optistruct. I am receiving this following error message: *** ERROR # 605 *** Element 1 is referenced by STACK 1 (on PLY 1) and by STACK 2 (on PLY 5) simultaneously. Different stacks are created by dividing the upper and lower areas of the pipe into sets. There seems to be an error because it refers to the same element Is there any good way to do it? (Modeling is possible but analysis is error) CFRP-PIPE-Asymmetric laminated.hm
  7. Thank you for your reply. I set the OUTPUT card. ◯So, what I want to know is whether the last iteration is the best in Composite Shuffle of Ply Stacking Optimization (Phase 3).   → Looking at the displacement result graph, it seems that there is something better than the LAST calculation result. (Such as Iteration 2 and Iteration 12) ◯ Is there a way to check the results of each Iteration in terms of geometry (HyperMesh)? (Image is Iteration 0) Thank you
  8. 複合材パイプを3点曲げにて積層構成を最適化しようとしています。 Objectiveにコンプライアンス最小化を選択しました。 Composite ShuffleのIteration回数は30回でしたが、変位結果グラフを見ると30回目の計算結果よりも良いものがあるように見えます。(Iteration2やIteration12など) 1.計算回数の打ち切りはどのように決定されているのでしょうか? 2.最後の計算結果が最良のもとは限らないのでしょうか? 3.Iteration毎の結果をジオメトリ上で確認できる方法はありますか?(三枚目の写真は Iteration 0で寸法最適化のまま) よろしくお願いいたします。
  9. AltairYamamoto様 ご返信ありがとうございます。 無事解決いたしました。英語フォーラムにも同様にリアクションして頂きまして誠に感謝しております。 ありがとうございました。
  10. We are trying to analyze composite PIPE. When creating a cylinder surface and simply creating Piles and Laminates, it is stacked with the surface as an intermediate plane as shown in the attached image. (Cylindrical surface is white line) For example, are there methods such as stacking layers from the outermost layer toward the inside? (I do not want to change the diameter of the cylinder)
  11. 複合材パイプを解析しようとしています。 円筒のサーフェスを作成し、PilesとLaminatesを単純に作成したところ、添付画像のようにサーフェスを中間面として積層されます。(白線が円筒サーフェス) 例えば、積層開始面を最外層として内側に積層していく方法などは無いでしょうか?
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