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  1. Hi forum, I have a problem using type20 interface. I used type7 contact, but I wanted to try type20 contact to avoid problems with penetrations. The simulation was fine using type7, but with type20 I have a lot of shell element ruptures at the beginning of the simuation. What could be the problem? Thanks
  2. Hi forum, I'm doing a crash analysis of a motorcycle and I would like to assign MAT/LAW13 (RIGID) to the engine (shell elements). I'm also using a RBODY with master node in the centre of gravity of engine to add mass to the model. The solver gives me this error: ** ERROR TRAPPED : REPORT TO LISTING FILE ERROR ID : 760 This error doesn't apppear if I use MAT1 for shell elements of the engine. Where is the problem?
  3. I think I found the problem. I forgot to assign an initial velocity to the mass (admas) of my engine. Now the initial stresses are gone! Could this be the only problem?
  4. Dear forum, I am simulating a motorcycle crash with a rigid wall and I have a problem in the frame. I applied an initial velocity to all the components of model and since the first frame of the simulation there are Von Mises stresses on my frame, before impact. I wasn't able to find the problem. I use TYPE7 contacts and rigids to join parts. Could these stresses being caused from inertia? Thank you in advance
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