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  1. ok, thanks @tinh for your support, I'll try by using the "by ruled" mesh creation. regards 0815
  2. Hi everybody, I created a tube and now I would like to renumber the circumferencial nodes in a specific way. (picture attached) To find and select the node where I want to start my renumbering I can take the "hm_getclosestnode" command. This will work pretty good, but I don't know the command which I have to use to select the other circumferencial nodes ... Should be something like this: 1. automatically select node on position 1 1.2. renumber it starting with ID=1 1.3 automatically select the next node (on position 2) and renumber it with ID=2 (and so one with increment 1) 2. after first loop automatically select node on position 201 and renumber the node with 201 and so on with inc. 1 ... thanks in advance 0815
  3. Hi all, I used this commands: *createmark elements 1 "ComponentName" *createmark nodes 1 "by sets" "SetName" *interfaceaddsolidface "YourGroupeName" 0 1 1 30 But keep in mind, you will have to create a node set first, if you want to use this commands. hope this is an answer to your question! regards, 0815
  4. Hi, works perfectly!!!! Thank you very much for your support! I love this forum you guys are great!
  5. Hi, I created my pop up windows and everthing works fine, if I start them one by one! In a second step I would like to summarize them in one tcl-file. Therefore I did something like this: set question1 [tk_messageBox -message "Do you want to execute first pop up window?" -type yesno -icon question] switch -- $question1 { yes {*evaltclscript "my_first_popup.tcl" 0 } no {} } set question2 [tk_messageBox -message "Do you want to execute second pop up window?" -type yesno -icon question] switch -- $question2 { yes {*evaltclscript "my_second_popup.tcl" 0 } no {} } The issue is, that if I say "yes" to the first question ($question1 ), the second message box ($question2) appears too... which command do I have to use if I want the second messagebox to appear after finishing the execution of the first popup.tcl? Thanks in advance
  6. hi @Livil Lyle, Could you please give me a hint, how to add an image? Like shown in my first post on the upper right hand side... thanks in advance Regards 0815
  7. Hi, thanks for your answer! ok what do you mean by manually create instead of hwtk::inputdialoge? as mentoined before, I would like to build a dialog box like in the picture in my first post... do you have an example how to do this? thanks in advance
  8. Hi, which comand do I have to use instead of "set w [hwtk::demo::getpreviewframe]" to set this variable in HyperMesh? # HWVERSION_14.0_Feb 5 2016_17:42:29 #Get preview frame set w [hwtk::demo::getpreviewframe] set input [hwtk::inputdialog -initialvalue testing -text testing -inputtype str \ -x [winfo rootx $w] -y [winfo rooty $w]] tk_messageBox -title "hwtk::inputdialog" -message "Return value: $Input" Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi @Livil Lyle thank you for the quick answer and the link! This is the answer to my questions and I'll try to build up me dialog box! Many thanks
  10. Hi everybody, I would like to know the command to create a popup window like in the attached file: I know that the window will appear by usage of command: tk_messageBox -message "some message" -type yesno But is it possible to define a user specific input and add a image? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi everybody, I try to add some nodes to a node-set by usage of tcl like this: *createmark nodes 1 $nodeID *appendmark nodes 1 "by face" *entitysetupdate "NSET" nodes 1 This works perfectly! But now I would like to remove nodes inside of a specific box. I tried this but it doesn't work ... *createmark nodes 2 "by box" $x1 $y1 $z1 $x2 $y2 $z2 0 inside 0 1 0 *markintersection nodes 1 nodes 2 *deletemark node 1 *entitysetupdate "NSET" nodes 2 What am I doing wrong? Thx in advance
  12. Hi tinh, it works perfectly! Many thanks for your support! You are incredible! THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!!
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