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  1. Hello, thank you for your answer. What about if i want to change the horizontal axis with another number like instead of 30, 40 ,50 i want to put 1, 2 and 3. Thanks in Advance. Best Regards Haj Hassan
  2. Hello, Please check it. Thanks Haj Hassan Flat_luneburg.zip
  3. Hello, we are getting some problems to finish this simulation, although we used FEM with MoM. Can you please support us if it is possible? Thanks in Advance. Best Regards Haj Hassan Flat_Luneburg_lens_with_6_layers.cfx
  4. OK thank you very much.
  5. Hello, here it is. Best Regards Haj Hassan 1-Stealh with mode 0.cfx
  6. Hello, unfortunately the model is to pig. You can upload the model and illuminate the plane with the sph file. The Distance is not a problem. Best regards Haj Hassan 1-Patchantenna Array 8x f_10GHz 19.6_FarField1_mode_0.sph wing.stp
  7. Hello, i have to use vortex waves and that's why i have to use normal antennas instead of a plane wave. Is there something better to make it?! Best Regards Haj Hassan
  8. Hello, i am currently simulating a drone to study the radiation pattern of this drone with vortex waves. I am using MLFMM to make the simulation time less. Is there any better option to reduce more the simulation time? Thanks in advance. Best regards Haj Hassan
  9. Hello, i hope that this file will help you. Thanks in Advance. Best regards Haj Hassan parameter_sweep.zip
  10. Ok thanks a lot. Best regards Haj Hassan
  11. Hello, are there somewhere some ready models for RCS like a drone oder a quadcopter for example. Thanks in Advance. Best regards Haj Hassan
  12. Hello, this is very interesting. Thank you. Haj Hassan
  13. Hello, i am trying to illuminate a target with an antenna (Gaussian beam for example). If i want to see only the radiation pattern or the scattering characteristics of the target, then how can i do it if it is possible? Thanks in advance. Best Regards Mohamed
  14. Hello, thank you very much. It is working. Best Regards Haj Hassan
  15. Hello, sorry i sent you the wrong email. Best regards Haj Hassan 1-Verschiedene permi.cfx
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