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  1. Hello, i am currently simulation a dipole antenna with a radius of 1.78 mm. Unfortunately Feko allows only to make a dipole with a radius of about 1.1 mm. How can i solve this issue? Thanks in advance. Best Regards Haj Hassan 1-2x Dipole OAM Antenna.cfx
  2. Hello, How can i make a circular array of for example one source or one antenna in Editfeko. To make a linear array it is very easy, but how to make a circular array with the same polarization? !!for #x =0 to 5 step 1 (Linear Array of 6 elements) !!next Thanks in Advance Best Regards M. Haj Hassan
  3. thank you very much this is very helpful
  4. thank you very much this is very helpful
  5. Hello, i wrote a small script in Editfeko to make an Array. In the line 51, 54 and 57 the amplitude is related to variables amp1, amp2 and amp3. The issue is that when i am changing the variables, the results still the always the same?!?!?1 How can i solve this problem. Thanks in advance. Best regards M. Haj Hassan Array_in_Editfeko.zip
  6. Hello, i am writing currently a small script with some for loops in Editfeko, because it is not possible to make array with impressed sources in FEKO. Why can't i see the array in CADfeko? I can see the array and the results in POSTfeko? And how can i use the optimizer in Editfeko???? Is there any possibility? Thanks in advance. Best regards M. Haj Hassan
  7. Hello, i would like to know how can i display the radial or the azimuthal polarization in the near Field in Feko? In Feko there is the possibility to see the x- , y- and z- polarization. Thanks in advance. Best Regards. M. Haj Hassan
  8. Hello, i am currently trying to simulate a 100x100 patchantennas. To save the simulation time i used the spherical mode Source. The probelm is that it is not possible to make an array with this spherical mode sources and i have to modify the phases manually!! Is there any solution or maybe a better idea to make array of this mode source and with automatically modification of the phase? Thanks in Advance. Best Regards Haj Hassan
  9. Thank you very much. This is very helpful.
  10. Hello, How to define in FEKO the Side Lobe Level (SLL) goal? Thanks in Advance. Best Regards Haj Hassan
  11. Hi, i have a problem in my simulation results. What i am not understanding is why the near field and the far field results are not the same?!?!?!?!? Thanks in advance Best Regards Haj Hassan 1-hemispherical lens_mode 0.cfx
  12. Hello, i am currently making a simulation with Antennas and a plane. Unfortunately the mesh of the plane is taking too much time und memory. I used MLFMM, however the problem is the same. What can i do to make my simulation easier and quicker? I have attacked my model. Thanks in advance. Best Regards Haj Hassan antenna and plane.cfx wing.stp
  13. Hello, i am simulating a horn antenna with a Dielectric Resonator. I am interested to see only the Radiation pattern of the Dielectric Resonator without the radiation pattern of the Horn. That's why there is the possibility in Feko to use Under (Near Fields- modify near Field- scope- Field Calculation- Field calculation using only sources on elements with specified labes). Unfortunately this one is working only with Farfield and not with near Field!!!!! In the near Field i can't see anything?!?!?! What is the reason?!?!? Thanks in advance Best Regards M.Haj Hassan 2-Horn with 2x8 sph DR 10 GHz mode 1.cfx
  14. Hello, thank you for your answer. What about if i want to change the horizontal axis with another number like instead of 30, 40 ,50 i want to put 1, 2 and 3. Thanks in Advance. Best Regards Haj Hassan
  15. Hello, Please check it. Thanks Haj Hassan Flat_luneburg.zip
  16. Hello, we are getting some problems to finish this simulation, although we used FEM with MoM. Can you please support us if it is possible? Thanks in Advance. Best Regards Haj Hassan Flat_Luneburg_lens_with_6_layers.cfx
  17. Hello, here it is. Best Regards Haj Hassan 1-Stealh with mode 0.cfx
  18. Hello, unfortunately the model is to pig. You can upload the model and illuminate the plane with the sph file. The Distance is not a problem. Best regards Haj Hassan 1-Patchantenna Array 8x f_10GHz 19.6_FarField1_mode_0.sph wing.stp
  19. Hello, i have to use vortex waves and that's why i have to use normal antennas instead of a plane wave. Is there something better to make it?! Best Regards Haj Hassan
  20. Hello, i am currently simulating a drone to study the radiation pattern of this drone with vortex waves. I am using MLFMM to make the simulation time less. Is there any better option to reduce more the simulation time? Thanks in advance. Best regards Haj Hassan
  21. Hello, i hope that this file will help you. Thanks in Advance. Best regards Haj Hassan parameter_sweep.zip
  22. Ok thanks a lot. Best regards Haj Hassan
  23. Hello, are there somewhere some ready models for RCS like a drone oder a quadcopter for example. Thanks in Advance. Best regards Haj Hassan
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