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  1. Thanks, I have tried what you suggested but there is an error showing that a modal port must contain dielectric areas. I have tried all the options according to my understanding. Can you please help me with this? The model is attached here. Anechoic_2.cfx
  2. Here is the model. Please see to it. The above mentioned errors still persists. Anechoic_2.cfx
  3. Thanks for replying. Thank you for your help. Its solved now.
  4. Thank you for replying I tried what you suggested and now it shows the error that two tetrahedral regions are overlapping. I have ensured that all the faces or regions are not touching each other but the error still exists. Is there any way to know that which surfaces or areas are giving this error? How do I fix it?
  5. The model that I am trying to stimulate shows the error "Segmentation Rules have been violated (a triangle is inside a tetrahedron)". Can you please tell what exactly is this error and how to remove it. Thanks
  6. Here is the error message.
  7. Hiw can we add buffet space region in fem modeling. It shows this error that I need to define some boundary region with some dielectric material.
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