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  1. Hi Prakash, sorry for the late response. The simulation is a 3Point Bending test to estimate the number of plies of a FSAE monocoque. I need to add and remove plies in order to optimize rigidity and weight. Thanks
  2. Okey! I actually need only dof3 to be restricted because it's a 3 point bending simulation so I'll wait for the experts answer. Thanks for your time!
  3. Hi Prakash, The plies that make the model fail are tenth and above. In the file I attached there are twelve plies, but if you delete plies 11 and 12 the same problem appears. I don't know if there is any underconstrained checking tool but I don't think it is because it works fine when reducing the number of plies. One thing I forgot to tell you is that I duplicated the plies instead of creating new ones; however, I don't see why that could be a problem. Thank you again for your attention.
  4. Hi! I have a problem with a sandwich panel simulation. When modelling an aramid core + 9 CFK plies in each side everything looks good an results are fine. However, when adding 1 or more plies, results are wrong. The sandwich suddenly moves out of the screen and displacement values are way too high comparing with the previous. I attach the file below. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi! I am trying to simulate, using hypermesh (optistruct), a 3 point bending test of a composite sandwich panel made of carbon fiber and aramid honeycomb. I have modelled the core using PSOLID property and MAT9ORT material and the skin where modelled using the tool "find faces", and then creating four CFK plies that form a laminate which is associated to the property PCOMPP that the skins have. I used MAT8 to define CFK plies. The Optistruct solver doesn't output any errors at all; however, when visualising the deformed shape, it represents an absolutely wrong and wierd shape for the sandwich panel where the supports are as shown in the attached picture (right and left side of the photo). I've tried to model it several times and even change some properties in case there was material failure in such points, but didn't work. I need help as soon as possible. Thank you!
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