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  1. I made a"To Base" and "From Base" My understanding is (1) data are calculated and write at "A" (2) "From Base" block get the data from "A" But if you see the below picture, "From Base A" has an default value "1" How can I make it what I want? base_test.scm
  2. Thank you, Robertavarela, Can you add function run example (call and run) with variable definition? I can't know what should I fill in the function; like SIJO comment - (t0,t,dt,p,x0,xdot0,m,k,c,varargin) ?
  3. Thank you, SIJO. I will try to understand.
  4. I saw that file also. I know the design variables are from "From Base" with initial values => Then it is used at "Set signal", "Get signal" and etc. Here are the data flow ; please see the below picture. But in that model, the design variables are not used at block parameters. What I want to know - set the variable at "Model" or "Diagram" ; for example, k=3 - use the k variable in the block parameter ; k is used in sinewave generator block - And use k variable as design variables for optimization block. => then the k will be changed and sinewave generator will be changed also during the optimization iteration works How can I make it?
  5. We can set a variable in the "Model" and 'Diagram". Can you explain what is the difference and where the variables are possible to use? It looks like there are difference between "Model" and "Diagram" variable's are used.
  6. I made a variable in "Diagram" An I want to use this variable as an design variable for optimization like below. How can I do this? it looks like "From Bas k" block can't import "Diagram" variable and also it is not possible to change the "k" variable in SineWave Generator during optimization.
  7. In the addtoolbox help, there is an example like below. Please explain what the 'omlstatistics' is and how can I use it?
  8. The below is an example in the help. I want to know when it is used. Can you show examples how it used? function [y1, y2, varargout] = goo(x1, varargin) y1=x1; y2=x2; y3=x1+x2; end nargin('goo') nargout('goo')
  9. Here is a simple oml command - At first, plot graph - And then, change the line width. clf; x = linspace(0,10,150); y = cos(5*x); plot(x,y,'b--o','linewidth', 0.1); title('2-D Line Plot'); xlabel('x'); ylabel('cos(5x)') set(gca, 'linewidth', 4) In the help, there is a linewidth property, but it makes an error. How can I make it correct?
  10. Which version are you using? I am using 2017.3 and my scope parameter window is like below
  11. How can I make the graph like below picture. - The legends are "S", "I", "R" - I attached scm file also. sir_disease.scm
  12. Thank you, Manoj Do you know why my "ylim" doesn't work?
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