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  1. HI tinh, I exactly did wat you have mentioned. Created a local system and assigned the end face nodes to that local system. instead of XY, as you commented, I ahve made XZ as parallel to the face. Thanks, Nagaraj
  2. Hi Pranav, Sorry at this moment I cant. As its against the policies. I am just trying to do modal analysis constraining this end in 4,5,6 dof.(i just constrained the nodes at end face) Thanks, Nagaraj
  3. Thank you Pranav, I have done the same. And I have assigned the nodes of the face to the local system also. But I am not happy with the modal displacements its showing. Hence the query. Thanks, Nagaraj
  4. I am working on a component where I have to constrain one end of the model only in Rotational. . and those constraints should be locally defined( planar constrain). Pls find the attached image. The black highlighted face area has to get constrained to that local plane only in rotational. pls guide in this regard, Thanks, Nagaraj
  5. Hi, Can anybody share tutorials on Optimization? I am interested in Knowing the steps to carryout different kind of Optimization. I want to try those optimization on Flex of Exhaust system. Any Info of Flex or Exhaust system optimization is much appreciated. Thanks, Nagaraj dasharath thenagu@gmail.com
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