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  1. Thanks @Adriano A. Koga I referred OS-T_1371 and with the help of Altair support I successfully run the model.
  2. @Ankitmehta11 Did you got the results considering the rotation of the disc?? I am also working on similar kind of analysis. looking for some inputs/guidance
  3. @FaroukM @Adriano A. KogaThanks for your quick reply. Aren't we considering the rotor rpm here?? If we can consider where can i input in the deck?? thanks, Nagaraja D
  4. Can anybody share me the mat9 properties taken for pad material for brake study. The brake system taken in brsq.fem (optistruct example model) is in z direction. My model is in Y direction. Wat are the changes do I need do to with respect to co-ordinate system (local/global) as well as with constraints.. @FaroukM I guess u worked for braking system project. Pls provide mail id or nay contact details to reach you to discuss in this.. as Altair forum Is not allowing me to msg.
  5. @FaroukM Glad that you are also working on braking system. Is it possible to share your project details/analysis details if thr is no confidentiality issue? thanks, Nagaraja D thenagu@gmail.com
  6. Hi... Could anybody let me know the list of analysis that can be done for automotive braking system?? and the corresponding inputs requirement to carryout analysis. Thanks in advance Nagaraja D
  7. @Rahul R I am using Optistruct to analyse and i want (Total Strain,%, Max. Principal ) in my report. Cld yu please let me know what to call in case control section and how to do posting?? Thanks, Nagaraja D
  8. @Sebastian Karp Anything tht can be done in hypermesh after importing?? I am in mid of working on a Project.
  9. Hi I faced this issue in recent version of Hypermesh 19. I just imported the CAD in .stp format. While importing I dint noticed or changed the HIERARCHY AS ASSEMBLY. Instead I imported as Parts. After Importing 2-3 CAD Models I observed that the parts are more than the number of components. May be there are some duplicates. I tried to delete those parts which I coudnot do it. As there was no option to do it. Instead If i had opted Asseblies in Hierarchy I could have deleted the assemblies. Now, Is there any way to delete those parts from the model. Please help me out. Please find the below images supporting the issue. Thanks, Nagaraja D
  10. Hi Rahul Ponginan, Even I am facing the same issue. I tried deleting all those files which is listed in above mentioned path, Still Couldnt create or find nodes. It only displays these number of nodes selected.. but visibly nothing. Is there anything to do with any graphic settings? I am using HM19 and here is my system information System Information: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz (4 CPUs), ~1.7GHz System Manufacturer: Dell Inc. System Model: Inspiron 3542 Total Physical Memory: 8192MB RAM Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 17763) (17763.rs5_release.180914-1434) Graphics/Display/OpenGL: --------------------------- Name: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family VideoProcessor: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family AdapterRAM: 1 GB DriverVersion: DriverDate: 20171016000000.000000-000 CurrentBitsPerPixel: 32 VideoModeDescription: 1366 x 768 x 4294967296 colors Issue Image :
  11. HI tinh, I exactly did wat you have mentioned. Created a local system and assigned the end face nodes to that local system. instead of XY, as you commented, I ahve made XZ as parallel to the face. Thanks, Nagaraj
  12. Hi Pranav, Sorry at this moment I cant. As its against the policies. I am just trying to do modal analysis constraining this end in 4,5,6 dof.(i just constrained the nodes at end face) Thanks, Nagaraj
  13. Thank you Pranav, I have done the same. And I have assigned the nodes of the face to the local system also. But I am not happy with the modal displacements its showing. Hence the query. Thanks, Nagaraj
  14. I am working on a component where I have to constrain one end of the model only in Rotational. . and those constraints should be locally defined( planar constrain). Pls find the attached image. The black highlighted face area has to get constrained to that local plane only in rotational. pls guide in this regard, Thanks, Nagaraj
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