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  1. ydigit

    EW_BATCH Failed

    Could you post the screenshot of the folder where the calculations are being run?
  2. ydigit

    HyperMesh Surface Mesh Import Error in AcuSolve

    Have you exported using Nastran (Fluent) Standard format?
  3. ydigit

    acuslove cfd software package

    You would need to install AcuSolve in addition to HyperWorks. It is an additional package. If you are going to use Virtual Wind Tunnel, that an additional package at the end of the list.
  4. ydigit

    Ambient temperature

    If you assign a boundary condition it is by default constant for that surface. In your case, if you expect to observe a part cooling, then probably nodal initial condition is what you should be assigning to this volume.
  5. ydigit

    Acusolve transient Heat transfer

    Is this a transient analysis? you can use the Nodal Initial Conditions to provide this initial temperature. However not in Simple Boundary Conditions.
  6. It would be best to contact your local Altair US Support. Somebody will help you setup this case. There are scripts for synthetic turbulence generation.
  7. ydigit


    The unit of surface_film_coefficient is W/M^2K I am not sure if you can get it directly as Subtitle in AcuFieldView. However you are free to add it manually. Plus in AcuProbe, you can check the unit on Y-Axis.
  8. ydigit

    Out swing bowling simulation

  9. ydigit

    Out swing bowling simulation

    I guess such simulations are not yet done with AcuSolve. The max I know of is golf ball simulations. This might require an offline consultancy to check the feasibility.
  10. Have you tried running the model without and Nodal Initial Conditions? Auto-Initialization should generally work well in a well defined setup.
  11. ydigit

    Re-Open AcuSolve Control Window

    Even I think that there is no way to open AcuSolve Control panel. However, if you open AcuSolve Cmd Prompt, then you can type the command acuTail to view the .Log file in live update mode.
  12. ydigit

    step time vs time

    Could you post a screenshot of the compete window, including the way this command is executed? Also are you executing it in the folder with result files? e.g. .Log, ACUSIM.DIR, Acusim.cnf, .inp, etc?
  13. ydigit

    Eugene Kortus

    I understand this is pretty old post. In case you are still interested, please send the log file.
  14. Please upgrade to VWT 2017.2 and AcuSolve 2017.2.1 Let me if it still does not work.
  15. ydigit

    Gamma Re-theta

    Could you please send me the .inp and .Log file, in order to know the setup.