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  1. ydigit

    import solutions

    I guess that Project Solutions is not yet implemented for HM-CFD 2017.3. What issue did you face with restarting from the steady state case? An alternative would be to export velcoity and pressure nodal value from steady case (use AcuTrans or AcuOut). The files can be read as NIC (Nodal Initial Condition) files in HM2017.3 See screenshot.
  2. ydigit

    A solver file missing in altair hyperworks

    You probably need to adapt the path to your particular installation. Could you post a screenshot of the path you have in your Solver launch path.
  3. ydigit

    Compile the UDF

    AcuSolve installation does not have a C/C++ Compiler. So you would need to install a compiler seprately and then link the compiler to AcuSolve. Windows system would probably work well with Microsoft Visual Studio. Linux systems generally have GCC preinstalled.
  4. ydigit

    natural-convection using HM-CFD

    The AcuConsole model uses periodicity in Z direction and has only one element "thickness" in Z-direction. The model generated in HyperMesh is not using periodicity, and it has two elements in the Z-direction, as seen in the screenshot above.
  5. ydigit

    [SOLVED] Meshing problem

    Is it possible to upload the .icast file ?
  6. The restart function is currently under implementation for HW-CFD. Meanwhile if you wish you can restart by exporting the .inp file first, then using AcuSolve Cmd Prompt for restarting (using the previous results). See these two links for details on how to restart using Command line. https://altairuniversity.com/10108-restart-simulations-tips-tricks/
  7. Multiplier function is available for Simple Boundary Conditions. Advanced option needs to be activated first. Could you please explain what issue did you exactly encounter while selecting mulitplier function?
  8. ydigit

    AcuSolve Fan component Setup

    If you have yet not looked in the the tutorial manual (Altair_AcuSolve_2018_Tutorial_Manual.pdf), I would suggest for a start going through the tutorial: 5.4 ACU-5100: Modeling of Fan_Component: Axial Fan (p. 643)
  9. ydigit

    Error trying to display results.

    Can you post a Screenshot of the folder where you are driving this simulation? If no.Log file is available, then obviously results cannot be displayed. If present, HyperView will automatically decide on the reader to use for AcuSolve log file. Note AcuSolve is an extra installation. HyperMesh only has a user profile for AcuSolve, however without the AcuSolve installation that profile cannot start AcuSolve runs.
  10. ydigit


    Please check the tutorial ACU-5403 from Altair_AcuSolve_2018_Tutorial_Manual.pdf (in your installation \HW2018\acusolve\win64\doc) or via AcuSolve Help. This tutorial is based on AcuSolve and OptiStruct. I will check if I have the files for W7 you requested.
  11. ydigit

    ERROR: error occurred executing acuPrep

    Could you please post your .inp and .Log files? You can specify Eddy viscosity values. PS: Note that current HyperMesh 2017.3 does not support mixed topology for elements. So if you using mass flux, be cautious, as it can have double mass flux (for quads and tri at inlet).
  12. ydigit

    Velocity profile in boundary condition

    HyperMesh 2017.3 does support Nodal Boundary Condition of the type Linear.
  13. ydigit

    AcuSolve Training Material

    From CAD to CFD Volume https://altairuniversity.com/analysis/cfd/how-to-extract-cfd-volume-from-cad-part/
  14. ydigit

    Importing Hypermesh file to ANSYS Fluent

    This document might help. CFD – Basic 1 – Extracting CFD volume from CAD part https://altairuniversity.com/analysis/cfd/how-to-extract-cfd-volume-from-cad-part/
  15. ydigit

    Shock Absorber simulation using cfd

    I do not have any public model for shock absorber. Sorry. You could first go through few tutorials that have mesh motion setup. They will help to understand basics that could be implemented for your schock absorber. See tutorials below in your AcuSolve Help. \HW2018\acusolve\win64\doc\Altair_AcuSolve_2018_Tutorial_Manual.pdf