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  1. ydigit


    Please check the tutorial ACU-5403 from Altair_AcuSolve_2018_Tutorial_Manual.pdf (in your installation \HW2018\acusolve\win64\doc) or via AcuSolve Help. This tutorial is based on AcuSolve and OptiStruct. I will check if I have the files for W7 you requested.
  2. ydigit

    ERROR: error occurred executing acuPrep

    Could you please post your .inp and .Log files? You can specify Eddy viscosity values. PS: Note that current HyperMesh 2017.3 does not support mixed topology for elements. So if you using mass flux, be cautious, as it can have double mass flux (for quads and tri at inlet).
  3. ydigit

    Velocity profile in boundary condition

    HyperMesh 2017.3 does support Nodal Boundary Condition of the type Linear.
  4. ydigit

    AcuSolve Training Material

    From CAD to CFD Volume https://altairuniversity.com/analysis/cfd/how-to-extract-cfd-volume-from-cad-part/
  5. ydigit

    Importing Hypermesh file to ANSYS Fluent

    This document might help. CFD – Basic 1 – Extracting CFD volume from CAD part https://altairuniversity.com/analysis/cfd/how-to-extract-cfd-volume-from-cad-part/
  6. ydigit

    Shock Absorber simulation using cfd

    I do not have any public model for shock absorber. Sorry. You could first go through few tutorials that have mesh motion setup. They will help to understand basics that could be implemented for your schock absorber. See tutorials below in your AcuSolve Help. \HW2018\acusolve\win64\doc\Altair_AcuSolve_2018_Tutorial_Manual.pdf
  7. ydigit

    Shock Absorber simulation using cfd

    It is not straight forward to setup a shock absorber, as it involves advanced features like mesh motion and it time consuming/ineffecient to do over a forum like this. It might be best to visit a training at local Altair office and then try to setup.
  8. ydigit

    Material properties in Hypermesh.

    If you use the user profile > Engineering Solutions > CFD > AcuSolve you will get three material by default (Water_HM, Air_HM, Aluminium_HM). With the latest release 2017.3 most features of AcuConsole are implemented in HyperMesh. So there is no need to go to AcuConsole for most of the problem setups. If you are missing any feature in HyperMesh, that is present in AcuConsole please write to me.
  9. ydigit

    Error Window

    It seems that your CAD is not water tight. I would suggest importing it in HyperMesh or Inspire and checking the model.
  10. Please import the mesh_intersections.nas in HyperMesh. This will give you an idea of where the problem region is this. As the name tells, there are intersecting elements in this region.
  11. ydigit

    Error in Acu Console

    Please post your .inp and .Log file. That should give some clues, only the error message is not enough. Thanks.
  12. Are you exporting using CFD (AcuSolve) profile and the format Natran Fluent ? Can you post a screenshot of the folder where the .ACS file is ? Is there a meshintersections.dat file?
  13. ydigit

    Wind tunnel stops at 0.02%

    Would it be possible to upload the HM file you used for case 2 that does not go beyond 0.02%? It seems like a surface mesh problem. CAD would not be typically a problem, as we are importing mesh in VWT. Also make sure that you are using CFD (AcuSolve) Profile in HyperMesh for exporting.
  14. ydigit

    EW_BATCH Failed

    Could you post the screenshot of the folder where the calculations are being run?
  15. ydigit

    HyperMesh Surface Mesh Import Error in AcuSolve

    Have you exported using Nastran (Fluent) Standard format?