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  1. I am facing problem with boudary layer.

    When I am not maintaining BLs result is converging easily but showing wrong result. Only55 to 60% accuracy I am getting.

    When I am maintaining BL, result is not converging. The values are fluctuating so much,

    Actually modal is EGR coolar and has two flow i.e. coolant & Exhaust gas.

    In first trail, I solved with no BL, I got 60% accuracy. I got result trendy at very low time step 60, and I solved it for ten days till TS 1000, but result was same. There is no change.


    In 2nd trail, I am solving with BL at wall seperating coolant & gas. But here, result I am not getting trendy atleast. 300 TS, already completed, still no result.


    Solver is also very slow. Taking too much time. For each TS it is taking nearlly 20mins.


    I have attached inp & log file please find it.

    Please do needful as I wasted nearlly 1 month on it.



    Rajendra Prasad

    BorgWarner Emission System



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