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  1. Hi Rahul, Is there a way to export the geometry directly from hyperview into an IGES file? I'm working with a code that is trying to automatically send a topology optimization from hypermesh/hyperview to rhino and the current h3d file is not supported by rhino. Thank you, Alex
  2. @Mubeen I'm having a similar problem but with Rhino instead of CATIA. Do you mind telling me what file type you use to export and how you're tagging the surfaces in the program? Thank you, Alex
  3. Hi all, I'm working on a project right now and trying to figure out how to see all the notes saved on the Rhino model in Hypermesh. I've tried using the hm_metadata command but it only returns the notes applied to the whole model. Is there any other metadata command or an option I can add to hm_metadata to see the attributes given to individual solids/surfaces/points? Are these attributes even carried over in the IGES file? Thank you in advance, Alex
  4. Does this *findmark command make a new mark containing the elements it gathered? I tried *findmark nodes 1 1 1 surfs 0 1 so it should be making an output mark named surfs 1 right? Every time I try to call on it I get an error. For example, after using *findmark I try to apply a pressure onto the surface using *pressuresonentity surfs 1 1 0 0 10 10 30 1 but no pressure is applied to the surface.
  5. Nevermind I got it to work. Thank you! But one more side question, is there any query command that can grab shared elements from two components? Or is it just nodes? Thanks for everything!
  6. Hi Vipin, Thank you for the reply. I tried using this code in my model with the appropriate component ID but i'm still not getting any outputs. I attached an image of my model with the two solid meshed components connected at the bottom. Also, how do you get multiple lines in one document? I've tried hitting enter but it starts a new document line, or does this not matter? Thanks again, Alex
  7. Is there any code to select the nodes where two components are intersecting? I tried using hm_getnodessharedbyothercomps but the nodes are not selecting. Thank you in advance for any reply
  8. Hello, I was wondering how the query commands are used in Hypermesh. For example, if I wanted to use the query command hm_getnodessharedbyothercomps, where would I apply this command in Hypermesh and how could I see the resulting node IDs? Thank you in advance, Alex
  9. For the query commands, how are the outputs from those commands viewed? For instance, if you used the hm_getelementsize, how would you be able to view the response from that command?
  10. Thank you for the responses! I was talking about the pressure because I saw a tutorial online that divided the pressure magnitude by the number of elements on the surface, which made me think the pressure was applied like a point load onto each surface element. However, that tutorial must be misinformed.
  11. Hi all, Is there any way to apply a pressure to a surface as a total magnitude across the surface? The only way I'm finding how to do it right now is by counting the mesh elements and dividing the pressure by the number of elements because the pressure card applies the magnitude to each element instead of the surface as a whole. Wondering how to apply it to the total surface because often the mesh elements are not consistent areas which applies different pressures to different elements. Thanks for the responses, Alex
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