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  1. Hi Ronald, Thank you for your reply, I follow your suggestion to set the path in Preferences: When I tried to run Modelica models, the error message still pop up: Otherwise, If I unselect the "Modelica Engine powered by Maplesoft" option, another error message will shown as: It's really weird, did I miss any settings during installation of Activate or VC++? Best regards, Willy
  2. Hi Ronald, After installing a full VC++ compiler (vs 2015 community) the error message still exist. I use this command "vssGetCompilerName()" to check compiler, and it shows that there doesn't exist any compiler on my computer. It seems to Activate does not detect compiler automatically. But I'm sure that vs 2015 community is installed on my computer. Do you have any idea to fix this problem? Thank you. Willy
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