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  1. Did you mesh it twice, cause I have once met with such a problem, and I removed the mesh completely and re-meshed it. Sometimes it can also happen due to unnoticed free edge, which will allow the volume to take on fully,
  2. Im doing model of a large vessel and going to perform a CFD analysis in it. When i started meshing I got many problems while importing the model and then on geometry cleaning it. However I did it, it took me hours as the vessel was very big than expectations. Now, after the geometry cleaning process, I saved the model. When I open it now, it reads the model well, but when i click on the "shaded geometry and surface edges" it reads the shape and finally when its nearing completion, it says segmentation error and asks to save the model. I cant save it either, Hypermesh stops suddenly. I tried deleting the setting files but didnt work, the same error exists. Im nearing the end date for this project and needs to complete meshing it quickly as i can start analysing it. with this I have attached the .hm file, thank you all in advance Vessel_geometry_cleaning.hm
  3. This is my industrial project @Q.Nguyen-Dai. Everything went ok until now. I have problem in geometry cleaning surfaces. I merged all except some. These surface however when I try to merge either by self intersection or by toggle, system hangs and segmentation error occurs and everything collapses. I even tried clearing setting files but nothing worked yet. I need help in doing that because I can start meshing that soon. Thank You Vessel_geometry_cleaning.hm
  4. Even after breaking the model into 4 parts, each part was 20mb and hypermesh took 40mins approx for each model to import. To trim, it took an additional 1hr. My system has i5 processor, more space, 32GB of ram, and graphics for 2GB
  5. I'm preparing model of a large pressure vessel. The model is done in CATIA V5R21. The problem is the CATIA file is 62mb and Hypermesh hangs to import it. I cannot reduce the file much smaller as it is already reduced from 90mb to 62mb. I'm thinking of making the vessel into two parts and meshing it separately and assembling it in hypermesh and then to volume mesh the interior. I'm going to perform a CFD analysis on this vessel which has a dia of 5400mm and length of 17000mm. Is it possible to do this way in Hypermesh?. Thanking YOU Sriram
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