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  1. Hi All, I want to get the direction vector of tensor result ,but in hyperview api functions, I can not find the metod. eg. P1 value can use GetValueList ti get, but the vector of P1 Can not output. Anyone know about this?
  2. Hi tinh, Do you know how to add tab in hyperview?
  3. Yes,Maybe。 But the same issue do not appear in hypermesh 14.0. So this problem confused me. I think those change for some geometry do not have advantage for analysis.
  4. Hi Premanand Suryavanshi, Thanks, I used this function with tcl code, and the model always can not mesh by reflect. I think it may be a bug ? or there is some other setting ?
  5. Hi tinh, Thanks . It does affect the result.
  6. Hi guys, I find there is some bug in tatramesh with hm 2017 while it is ok in hm14.0. For the same solid, after I split it with same params, and then mesh the solid body, the number of node and elements are different each time in hypermesh 2017.2; But in hm 14, It OK The steps I do as follow: 1\open hypermesh 2\import utg model (attachment) 3\split the solid with X-plane-(0 0 0) 4\mesh the solids 5\remember the number of the node and elements 6\repeat 1-5 and compare with the first number. How to fix this problem ? Thanks . solidTest_ug.prt tetrameshProplem.wmv
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