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  1. Hi all, I am trying to run a multibody simulation in Motionview. However, I am getting an error which I have never seen before and hence, cannot guess what to do. A snapshot of the error is attached. It goes like "No Element found at line 9". However, my simulation is only with rigid body with contacts, joints etc defined. Has anyone ever experienced such an error? If, yes can you please help me to solve the problem! Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Toan, Thanks for a solution. It was what I required! :-) Thanks also for pointing out the function is not for sin(2*pi*time). regards, Uady
  3. Dear forum Members, I want make an expression for the function drawn in green ink in the attached picture. Is it possible with expressions in Motionview? Thanks and Warm regards, Uday Pandit
  4. Hi Everyone, @Praful, Thanks for replying and the example model! I tried to run the simulation with Sine expression. It works better than defining the motion through cuves. However, the convergence problem is recurrent. Though, it happens much later in time around 1.92 seconds than at 0.68 sec. At 1.92 sec the convergence becomes impossible i.e. the calculation of time step takes huge physical time to calculate. I am simulating the locking of one body into a gear and if the locking is achieved, the velocity of rotating gear becomes zero and two bodies are in the locked position for the rest of the simulation. With all the simulations, I was able to achieve the functionality. Though the simulations does not complete for the specified time. I have no idea what might be the problem. Warm regards, Uday
  5. Hi Prakash, So, I tried simulating the To and Fro motion of the link. Please refer to the attached figure. I am simulating 2 seconds. Now, when I simulate only backward motion (To motion) towards extreme left position from start position, my simulation converges and I get results for whole 2 seconds. The same is true, when I simulate only forward motion (Fro motion) towards extreme right position from start position. Now, when I try to simulate the full motion i.e. from start position to extreme left end position and then to the extreme right end position, the simulation does not complete to 2 seconds and gets stuck at around 0.68 sec. I attached the control points (X amd Y co-ordinate points) in excel, which I am specifying as my input to the motion defined at the axis of rotation of the link. I did not change anything else in the model apart from defining the full motion. I do not understand, what is the problem. If you can help, would be great! Warm regards, Uday Lever rotation curve full motion.csv
  6. Hi Prakash, Thanks for all the help! I solved it. Hopefully, I will have more questions in future :-) Regards, Uday
  7. Hi Prakash, Thanks for your reply! I have two surfaces which are sliding against each other. One of them has an uneven surface wrt to height from the datum plane and hence, the normal to the surface keeps changing, if one traverses along the surface. This change in normal will give rise to different co-efficient of friction every instant. With the surface being in operation, the sliding action will lead to worsening of the surface (i.e. wear and hence, to more friction). So, I wanted to see if there is a way to measure the friction coefficient in time on the surface and prove that such a design of the surface is a bad design. The surfaces should be planar rather than cascading. Warm regards, Uday
  8. Hello Everyone, I am trying to make a MBS model of a system. I need to give the to and fro motion of the link (Please refer the attached picture) as input to my model. For example for the first 0.1 second, the link rotates in anti-clockwise direction about the axis of rotation into the paper and reaches the extreme left end position (from Start position). For the rest 1.9 seconds the link starts rotating in the clockwise direction about the axis of rotation into the paper and reaches the extreme right end position, which is 'a' degrees wrt the extreme left end position. As far I understand this should be not very difficult, but somehow I was not able to acheive the same. I tried to use control points for the motion definition through curves, but since I am new to this software, was not able to acheive the same. So, if someone can help me with an example to build the motion through expression or curves, it would be great. Thanks for your help in advance! Warm regards, Uday
  9. Hello Everyone, I have two contacting surfaces, one has smooth straight line profile and the other has a cascading profile (like a river flowing from the top of a mountain). Both of these surfaces slide against each other when a dynamic simulation is carried out in MotionView. Is there a way (either through building expressions or something else) with the help of which I can measure the friction coefficient between the two surfaces in time? Any help would be appreciated? Warm regards, Uday
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