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  1. I want to create a fan model in the fluid, but it always be skipped when i export the file to fluent . there's such message in fluent . Reading "D:\testinnerfan\testinnerfan2.cas"... Clearing partially read grid. 7632 nodes. 33906 mixed cells, zone 1. 70 mixed interior faces, zone 2. 28 mixed pressure-outlet faces, zone 3. 40 mixed pressure-inlet faces, zone 4. 7300 mixed wall faces, zone 5. 64128 mixed interior faces, zone 6. Building... mesh Removing 70 unreferenced faces, zone 2. Warning: Number of nodes read (7632) does not match number referenced (7584). Resetting counter to match the number referenced. materials, interface, domains, zones, interior-6 wall inlet outlet Skipping zone inte1 (not referenced by grid). body.1 Done. Preparing mesh for display... Done. Please help me!
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