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  1. @Prakash Pagadala I have also some questions regarding this MATLAW. I have a constitutive model for a polymer material that I want to test its compression in radios but I do not know how to put my data into radios. can you help me to do so? thanks
  2. Hello, May anyone help me to discover material LAW 40 kelvin-Maxwell? It is difficult to understand the constants their as there is no enough explanation in the manual for them. Thanks @Prakash Pagadala may you help?
  3. I want to implement my own constitutive material model. it is a viscoelastic material and I want to input my stress and my own material parameters. How can I do so? thanks :D
  4. Hello All, I want to know how to get smooth stress variables like Trisca, Von Mises and .. etc contours in the hyperview because the stress result type is all zeros. however, I can plot von mises type but in a discrete block animation only. How to solve this problem? Thanks
  5. Also, the output of stresses>>VonMises does not give me any results and all are zeros; however, when I chose the VonMises scale as a result type in hyperview, it gave me a discrete block result. I do not know why, how to get the stresses results?
  6. Hello all, I always get the results in concrete boxes like no smooth waves of stress got from the animation; however, I only got discrete boxes fields only without no integration between the elements. How to solve this problem? I want smooth animation as possible as I can. Thanks trial axis 3.hm trial axis 3.mvw
  7. Hi @Ivan I dont have hypercrash to do exactly like the video, but I changed the (.rad) file from /line/seg to /surf/seg; however, the analysis gives me this error: ERROR TRAPPED : REPORT TO LISTING FILE ERROR ID : 760 what is the wrong? machine axisymm.hm machine axisymm.mvw machine axisymm_0000.rad
  8. hi @Ivan Actually I cannot see the video as it has (.swf) format. if you have the link for it, it will be easier? and thanks for the explanation!
  9. hi @Prakash Pagadala Actually the problem is with the limits of the x axis as I need to plot 10e6 seconds, but the window cannot take this large number; then, it needs the new page which is not allowed in the student version. do you how to fix this problem? Thanks
  10. Hello, I am want to plot a creep vs time and my time (cycles) should exceed 10e6 cycle but when I tried to plot the data there was a message tells me that I cannot have a new page in the student edition. How to plot it and how to solve the problem? any Suggestions!!!? Thanks
  11. Hello, I want to get the output data from the model (like stress, creep and strains) to use this data to plot them on MATLAB. Does anyone know how to extract such info? the process in the Radioss file? Thanks
  12. Hello, I am testing a cylinder that is squashes by another cylinder. The problem is the model is 2D axis-symmetric and I cannot do a contact between the two 2D cylinders sections. May anyone help in this? What is preferably to add rigid body and apply the load to the its center node or draw another 2D section and make contact between both cylindrical sections? And how to do the rigid body method without errors? the model attached. axis symmetric.hm Axis symmetric.mvw
  13. Kg, mm , ms, KN, J & GPa. for the curves and different stuff, I just put them try to load it with concentrated load but it does not have any effect on the model. I don't know why, but if you have answer I will appreciate it.
  14. Hello @George P Johnson, I am trying to do so and i am still getting the error id. I am doing axisymmetric analysis for cylindrical part. I attached the model below as I tried everything and cannot figure it out!! thanks ERROR ID : 228 ** ERROR ZERO OR NEGATIVE 2D SOLID VOLUME DESCRIPTION : ZERO OR NEGATIVE VOLUME FOR 2D ELEMENT ID=1 .. GEOMETRY PLOT FILE .. ERROR ==> NO RESTART FILE ERROR TERMINATION ------------------ 1 ERROR(S) 1 WARNING(S) PLEASE CHECK LISTING FILE FOR FURTHER DETAILS axis symmetric.hm Axis symmetric.mvw axis symmetric_0000.rad
  15. here is the model for the previous picture axis 2.hm axis 2.mvw
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