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  1. i am simulating tensile test on quarter model,but as the necking is done it starts expanding ,rather than failing with fracture. And the force vs strain graph also has many dipping regions, which is not close to experimental data. i have even use FAIL/XFEM/JOHNS Card , as recommended. kindly help. steel_tensilefailure.hm
  2. how do i run the simulation using /FAIL/XFEM/JOHNS card , when i already have property card of P1/SHELL , as i am getting error 510 . I need to simulate failure after necking during tensile test of specimen. ERROR ID : 510 ** ERROR IN INPUT LINE DESCRIPTION : -- LINE : /FAIL/XFEM_JOHNS/ INVALID IDENTIFIER VALUE 0 (OUT OF BOUNDS) .. NODES .. PROPERTIES .. 3D SHELL ELEMENTS .. 3D TRIANGULAR SHELL ELEMENTS .. SUBSETS .. ELEMENT GROUPS .. PART GROUPS .. NODE GROUP .. BOUNDARY CONDITIONS .. IMPOSED VELOCITIES .. DOMAIN DECOMPOSITION .. ELEMENT GROUPS .. ELEMENT BUFFER INITIALIZATION .. GEOMETRY PLOT FILE .. ERROR ==> NO RESTART FILE ERROR TERMINATION steel_tensilefailure.hm
  3. I want to plot stress vs strain in hypergragh, but i am getting error in variable name for stress and strain in output block. What are the variable name for stress and strain , for entering in TH/ node variable creation.
  4. what is the variable for stress and plastic strain? i obtain error when i create variable as stress and EMAX . what is the TH card variable for stress and strain, so i can plot stress vs strain graph in hyperview
  5. how can i plot stress-strain graph from the T01 file ,to compare it to experimental data for the tensile test done through radioss? i have attached the files. e8_tensile1.hm e8_tensile1_0000.out e8_tensile1_0000.rad e8_tensile1T01
  6. how can i provide connection between solid elements(blue) and 2d surface elements(yellow) ,as there is a gap between them. what connection should i use to model a weld between them ?
  7. how can i establish connection between members , if they are not connected and comes out from geometry during modal analysis ?
  8. i have attached .out file baja_v9_line.out
  9. sir, there is no h3d file generated even after following the above method.
  10. i am using 2017 version. i have attached model file. baja_v9_line.fem baja_v9_line.hm
  11. After completion of normal mode analysis , there is no h3d file generated.
  12. sir, can you provide the link for the said tutorial .
  13. and how can i constrain the reflected model , can you provide me the steps ?thank you.
  14. how can i reflect my model by a distance keeping my original model , so that i can perform crash test between them? everytime i use reflect card ,it reflects my orginial model but i cannot keep the initial model.
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