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  1. Hi everyone.. I want to perform topology optimization on a simple bracket for multiple loadcases. And I have different stress limit for each load case.. How Can I set up the optimization model for this. I tried minimize the weighted complience response by using volume fraction response with stress constraint.. But I had to determine general stress constraint for the setup.. How can I determine the stress constraint separately and minimize the mass ? Thank you.
  2. How can we model the spring as 3d.. I want to see stresses on the spring.. What type of material should be used for spring?
  3. Thanks for your answer. well, what do you think about the contact definitions.. I am not sure that I chose right contact types.. Because I get unlogical stress values.
  4. Hi. I want to perform stress analysis on a simple suspension model. I have some problem about contact definitions. I attached an image demonstrates my contacts. When I change some freeze contacts to stick or slide with track=small I get following errors: *** ERROR # 4965 *** Maximum number of time increment cutbacks reached, analysis aborted. *** ERROR # 5905 *** Severe element distortion detected, analysis aborted. When I use param expertnl->cntstb control card contacts work fine. But this time I get very abnormal very high stresses. First I thougth this errors may occure bacouse of mesh quality and I made a mini model with chexa elements. Contact which gives error works fine in mini model with same contact definitions. My question is which kind of contact definitions should I use to get proper results from that mini suspension model. You can see my boundary conditions at following images.
  5. Yes, It wasn't same it's ok now.. thank you.
  6. I selected local coordinate system while creating cbush element in springs panel oriantation selection.. isn't it same thing?
  7. I add CBUSH element with attached PBUSH property and I get the error below.. How to add bushing element in a static analysis properly? *** ERROR # 99 *** CBUSH element 123782 references incompatible PBUSH. K2/M2/B2, K3/M3/B3, K5/M5/B5, and K6/M6/B6 on PBUSH must be zero for CBUSH with no G0, CID, and blank X1, X2, and X3. Thank you.
  8. It's only for demonstration of model.. not fea model..
  9. Hi. I want to perform stress analysis of a torsion bar, also named as anti roll bar. I perform it as static analysis case.. When I apply displacement instead of forces to arms I get different stress values.. I think I choose wrong analysis type. Anti roll bar acts like a spring in suspension strcuture, by taking into considiration this which type of analysis should I choose ? I attached the image of antri roll bar.
  10. Hi. Link is not active. Could you share currently active link please? Thank you.
  11. Thank you so much for your quick response George. I added a snapshot of my case. I want that rbe2 rigid link to have dofs of local coordinate system in the snapshot. Is it enough to select center node of rigidlink.?
  12. Hi everyone. I would like to add rbe2 1d element according to a local coordinate system. How can I do this? Thank you.
  13. Hi everyone. I am exercising on HF-3040 springback tutorial. When I run the analysis it should create D00 and D01 file but I get this message "both mode run requires at least two files file "springback_radioss_complete_0001.rad" is not found. Why it doesn't create 0001.rad file and also 0001.out file. Thank you.
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