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  1. Dear Yubuchi-san, being far away from a semiconductor expert, I had a short look at the corresponding package of the Modelica palette. Short answer: yes, this is possible! For some of the existing electrical components the heat port is already enabled (please, see screenshot below). In this case, the electrical power loss can be transferred into a thermal power (e.g. to heat up surrounding mechanical components). This kind of conditional instantiation is also used for other electrical components, so it is useful to check their parameter dialogue. If it is not existing for the components you are looking for, it can be added – as it is the case for self-defined ones. Hope, this helps – best regards! Christian ____________________________________________________________________ Dear experts, Can Activate-Modelica compute heat generated by semiconductor device within an electrical circuit? Thanks, Minoru Yubuchi
  2. christiankeh

    How to

    Dear all, I'm trying to create a 2D plot of a 3D map using the contour fucntion. The following code is already a valid basis, i.e. it creates the plot below: x = -2:0.2:2; y = -2:0.2:3; [X,Y] = meshgrid(x,y); Z = X.*exp(-X.^2-Y.^2); contour(X,Y,Z); What I would like to have instead, is lines instead of surfaces and labels showing the value of each line (e.g. like the image below). Is there a way to realize this in Compose? Thank you in advance! Christian
  3. Dear all, has someone already thought about having some kind of R(educed) O(rder) M(odel) block within Activate in the sense of directly using the result of a model order reduction, e.g. created in use of Hyperstudy? Even better would be a block, that directly calls Hyperstudy to execute a model order reduction. Curious to get your thoughts on this... Best regards, Christian
  4. Really cool - thank you, Andy!
  5. christiankeh

    How to use solver step size as a variable within a model?

    ...but with more detailed information Thank you, Ronald!
  6. christiankeh

    How to use solver step size as a variable within a model?

    For those, who are interested: I just found the block that I was looking for - SimulatorInfo from the palette Activate\ActivationOperations contains all the necessary information. Best Christian
  7. Dear all, what is the best way to use the current solver step size of a model within the model itself for further calculation? A minimum example would be very much appreciated! Thank you in advance! Christian
  8. christiankeh

    Import multiple columns from a txt file

    Great, exactly what I needed - thank you, Ganhai! Best regards, Christian
  9. Dear experts, I'm trying to use one "Read from txt file" block in combination with a Demux to visualize 3 columns. Unfortunately, it does not work, i.e. in Activate 2017.3 the message is: "In the definition of block parameters: Given format is not compatible with number of requested outputs." Does that mean, it is not possible or do I have to change something? Please, find attached the corresponding model and txt file. Thank you in advance! Christian uFX_porousMassFlow.txt Import_txt_columns.scm
  10. christiankeh

    Register function to other HW tools incl. Python bridge

    Thank you, Sijo! This works for me as well, but is not necessarily an evidance that this is used correctly in HG when executing the functioni, right? Best Christian
  11. Dear all, is it possible to register a Compose function that makes use of Python functionalities? Thank you in advance! Christian
  12. Did you know about Manuel Ramsaier's Youtube channel explaining how to use a Multi-language Math Tool? If not, make sure to check the link and feel free to subscribe, if beneficial for you.