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  1. NilsWaap liked a post in a topic by christiankeh in Create N instances of a component and connect ports with a loop   
    Thank you very much for sharing, Nils - this is really helpful!
    Would you mind to share (a simple version of) the Modelica code as well - just for the sake of being able to copy-paste (for lazy people like me;)?
    Thanks, again + regards
  2. christiankeh liked a post in a topic by L Moretti in FFT 3D plot   
    Let's assume that there is a curve f(a, t) in time domain and we apply FFT to the function, assigning values to a (like a=a1, a2, a3, . . . ., an). Then, as a result we can get n FFT curves in frequency domain, F1(a1,f), F2(a2,f), F3(a3,f), . . . , Fn(an,f).
    We want to plot those FFT curves in a 3D plot which has frequency as x axis, "a" as y axis and FFT magnitude as z axis. Can it be done?
    Of course yes!!!
    This is what we get with the enclosed script:

  3. Manoj Kandukuri liked a post in a topic by christiankeh in Youtube channel for getting started with Altair's Compose   
    Did you know about Manuel Ramsaier's Youtube channel explaining how to use a Multi-language Math Tool? If not, make sure to check the link and feel free to subscribe, if beneficial for you.
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