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  1. @Q.Nguyen-Dai Will it be possible to get the link for this web page?
  2. Nguyen-Dai ,Thank you for your reply. I'm also trying to find a solid reason since for the study I'm doing it is essential to find if the stress is tensile dominant or compressive dominant. Prakash Pagadala, Thank you for your reply. Indeed I'm also doing a fatigue simulation and to verify the results I use Hyperview to view signed von mises stress. Also I'm aware that both positive and negative stresses are used. Will it be possible to know the actual basis of signing used in HyperView? Thanks in Advance.
  3. Hi, Question 1) In hyperview for "signedvon mises stress" what is the method of obtaining the sign? As an example, 1). Is the signing done using according to principle stresses or 2) Signing done by the sign of the first stress invariant. I looked in the hyperview help file but couldn't find any proper definition. Question 2) I'm trying to use the sign of von misses stress to find if a component is in compressive or tensile strength. So please also let me know if using sign von mises stress is the correct way. Thank you.
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