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  1. Thank you tinh! What I'm thinking I'll do is a hybrid approach. Taking Toan's advice, I'll trim down the number of elements by running a tet collapse first, then run your dihedral code over the remaining elements. That way I'm not running the dihedral check over elements that are good. Since the tet collapse check is so fast, it makes the dihedral check not too slow, even for large numbers of elements. It does make me wonder how Altair optimized it's quality checks. Thanks again!
  2. Hi Toan, I agree that there are probably other tools that also find similarly bad tet elements. However I use another FEA solver that uses the dihedral angles for quality and need an analogous check for my HM meshes. It seems like a very basic check that should be available for any 3D element.
  3. How can I find the angle between face pairs (or face normals) in a tet element? There is the tria faces min and max in the 3D check elements, but that is not quite what I'm looking for as those measure face angles and not the true angle between the face pairs. Warpage seems very similar to what i want to check, but that's only for quads. Thanks.
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