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  1. Finally tracked the issue down to hm_exit not halting script execution so I was ending up in an unintended state. For others running into this issue I would suggest always using a break after hm_exit to be sure you exit as intended.
  2. I have a script that is hanging after calling hm_exit by producing popup shown below (id= ____ select/reject reset window?). Moving the mouse outside this popup window dismisses it and allows the exit to complete. I cannot find a way to replicate this issue manually or prevent it from occurring. Thanks for any advice, Matt
  3. Hello, I am running into issues in HyperMesh 2017.2 getting the tetramesh number of layers parameter to force 2 full layers in narrow sections. I have tested with HyperMesh v13.0 and it behaves as expected but in 2017.2 it appears to ignore the number of layers parameter. I've reached out to Altair support but gotten no feedback on this. Is there something else I am missing to get this working? I've attached an image showing the expected result in v13.0 compared to 2017.2. Thanks, Matt
  4. Hypermesh exports all nodes in model even if Export:Displayed or Export:Custom are set in Export Options. Is there a way to fix this in the feoutput template? Thanks
  5. I am hoping to find all displayed elements attached to a specific element, similar to using the panel selection for elems > by attached. *findmark elements 1 1 0 elements 0 2; is not doing what I want as it is finding all adjacent elements. The command.cmf for this selection shows that element id's are added to the mark discretely. Thanks
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