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  1. Hello Is it possible to obtain derivatives of mode shapes in HyperWorks, please? Thank you.
  2. Hello How to extract all mode shapes once in Query in HyperView, please? By default, it does it one by one; I would like to know if it is possible to do it for all mode shapes in one go. Especially I am inerested in having "Original Data" which is components of Eigen modes in the X, Y and Z axes. Thank you.
  3. Hi Could you please look at the following von Mises stress contour and let me know if it is correct? It is for tutorial "OS-4050: Optimization of a Horizontal Tail Plane". In the rib sections, there are some discontinuties in contour. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for your reply. Please find attached fem file and let me know how to manage the problem. The model has been created in HW 2017.2. Thank you. tail_1.fem
  5. Hi Thank you for your reply. After running OptiStruct for tutorial "OS-4050: Optimization of a Horizontal Tail Plane", there is the following error. Please let me know how to manage it. Thank you. A fatal error has been detected during input processing: *** ERROR # 1999 *** in the input data: In SUBCASE 3: card STATSUB references wrong type SUBCASE 2.
  6. Hello In tutorial "OS-4050: Optimization of a Horizontal Tail Plane", in step 6, number 2, "Press the letter o on the keyboard (for the Options panel)." does not work. Could you please explain how to manage this problem to open Options panel? Thank you.
  7. Hello Premanand Suryavanshi How can a pressurized cylinder be simulated for a multiaxial fatigue analysis, please? Since it needs to be done in the Cylindrical coordinate system, how can the model be set up? Thank you.
  8. Hello everyone Could you please let me know how to run the following tutorial in "Learn Fatigue Analysis with Altair OptiStruct" page 87? 4.4 Tutorial: Multiaxial Fatigue Analysis of a Knuckle I set up the model but in results, there is no fatigue contour, as shown in figure of the previous post above. Fem file of my model is in attachment above. Thank you.
  9. Hello everyone Could you please explain why in figure below there is no result? It is for multiaxial fatigue analysis tutorial, altair_knuckle.hm. Fem file is in attachment. Thank you. altair_knuckle-1.fem
  10. Thank you for sending the two csv files. In fact, they are the same as the ones for "ctrlarm.hm" which is for a uniaxial fatigue analysis tutorial.
  11. Thank you for providing the HM file. Do you have load1.csv and load2.csv, as well, please? Thank you again.
  12. Hello everyone Do you know where altair_knuckle.hm can be found, please? It is for "Multiaxial Fatigue Analysis of a Knuckle" tutorial. Thank you.
  13. Hello everyone Is there any tutorial for fatigue analysis with S-N (stress-life) method for a cylinder under internal cyclic pressure, please? I am trying to set up the model by using tutorial "OS-T: 1340 Fatigue (Stress - Life) Method" in HM but some parts are not clear, as follows. 1. In table under loadcollectors, how to scale the internal cyclic pressure which is between 10 MPa and 60 MPa to have the same table in tutorial that is between -1 and 1? 2. How many cycles do I need to have in my model? In tutorial, there are 2545 cycles. 3. Which scale do I need to consider in FATLOAD? In tutorial, it is 3. 4. The cylinder is closed in its both ends, does it cause to have non-uniaxial stress? According to tutorial, S-N theory deals with uniaxial stress. 5. How to define "sets" in the cylinder model? In tutorial, there are 8 sets as eles11, eles22, ..., eles88. Thank you.
  14. Hello everyone I want to run a transient analysis for my model but there is a crash in my simulation. I was wondering if you knew how to manage the following errors. *** ERROR # 1461 *** Card "LOAD" is not allowed for this subcase type. *** ERROR # 1461 *** Card "preptran" is not allowed for this subcase type. Output file is in attachment. Thank you. file.out
  15. Hi Prakash How can mesh size be changed in HM, please? If the initial mesh size is 10, how it can change to 20? Thank you.
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