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  1. Hi Guys, I need to do some micro-Doppler simulations simulations in Feko (of a bird). Unfortunately I can not find a user guide or How to do guide of micro-Doppler simulations. However in literature, some have done so (attached image). How can I perform micro-Doppler simulations in Feko?
  2. Farai

    3D models

    Good day, I do not understand, the question arises when you model a DI-ELECTRIC object in CADFEKO, but when you view a cut in POSTFEKO, the object seems hollow inside (true even for PEC) - as seen in the diagram below. Does this mean that the dielectric property is modeled as hollow? How can the model be filled - with a dielectric medium for simulation? Farai
  3. Thanks a lot for your response. Yes, that post pointed me to the right direction toward 3d RCS intensity visualization - i will still need to look at the LUA scripts to obtain the exact image. In regard to your query , I want to determine the scattering parameters of the object, say an arbitrary cube (in the form of a matrix). So I wanted to be pointed in the right direction. Farai
  4. Good day, I have been searching on the internet for a long time now. Can you point me to a resource which helps me to visualize the scattering parameters of an object , for example a 3d shape. Regards, Farai
  5. Ok thanks guys, will do so...
  6. Thanks JIF, A more refined diagram is shown below. I want to compare the exact measurements with the simulated measurements in FEKO. That is what i want to know how to do it. How
  7. Good day, I want to compare RCS values of a shape with that of a model found in literature. How can I compare my simulated RCS with that of a model and plot on a diagram like the one below? Farai
  8. Hi Sandra, Yes, I am interested in the model, you can send it to me. farai.mahachi1987@gmail.com Kind Regards, Farai
  9. Hi guys, I have an arbitrary target and I need to visualise the RCS intensity - as shown in the attached image - (From EMSSFEKO YouTube channel). I tried looking for steps from the Feko help document but I couldnt find the RCS visualisation steps. What are the detailed steps involved from importing the CAD model to visualising its RCS signature? Regards, Farai
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