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  1. https://altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/HyperMesh-Local-fix-edit-of-tetra-elements.pdf
  2. In 2017 it asks if you want to keep the current mapping or overwrite it. Does that pop-up not appear in HWX?
  3. Looks like a standard three point bending response. If you could include a scale that would be helpful. Could always try using a remote force where the top of the block is
  4. Yeah that setting is not there in 2019X. The keys are mapped to the default hypermesh key settings but I have got use to the ones I was using. Hopefully an update will come out were you can map your own keys
  5. Hi All, Just started using 2019 X and when I load in my keyboard settings from 2017.3 using the .tcl file they don't seem to be brought into 2019 X and I can't see a 'Preferences' settings area for keyboard mapping within 2019 X. Any help would be much appreciated
  6. Hi All, When I try to map thicknesses to my mesh I get this error: I have selected a user profile and I have never seen this error before. Any help would be much appreciated!
  7. Hi, Not sure this is possible in HyperMesh, but it is definitely doable in mechanical. Just create a new material and input the properties you are after hope that helps
  8. After struggling for a while I've cracked it, if anyone wants to know just drop me a line
  9. Hi all, I have a script that isolates any elements from an initial batch mesh that have problems associated with them. It places them into a set but leaves them as the default yellow colour. It becomes a pain to 'isolate only' and rebuild the mesh up around them. So I have been changing the colour of these elements by hand. Does anyone know how I could write into my script a line that changes the colour for me? Thanks,
  10. Do you have a copy? I can't seem to find it
  11. Or where I could find a list of the syntax?
  12. Yeah that works, cheers! Do you have a database of all the syntax for every operation?
  13. I'm trying to map 'mask' 'reverse all' to a key. I have managed to map 'mask' to a key using hm_pushpanel{mask} but that only takes me to that menu. Does anyone know how to map the 'reverse all' button to a key so that I can toggle between what I have masked and what it unmasked?
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