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  1. Pranav Hari

    Cutting analysis OptiStruct/Radioss??

    Hi robert10241 I think you need to assign dedicated failure property to achieve this simulation. Please go through Failure Models in RADIOSS Help Menu, which explains about various failure models available. Please go through Example 26-Ruptured Plate example from Help Menu, which is a simulation of the rupture using the failure models. The example model file is attached for your reference. FAILURE_JOHNSON_0000.rad.zip FAILURE_JOHNSON_0001.rad.zip
  2. Pranav Hari

    Implementation of Thermoplastic Material in RADIOSS

    Hi Begoña I do not see an input to enter the thermal exponent in MAT law 73. According to the material data you provided, I think its more suitable to use Mat law 2. Mat Law 2 - This law represents an isotropic elastoplastic material using the Johnson-Cook material model. This model expresses material stress as a function of strain, strain rate, and temperature. A built-in failure criterion based on the maximum plastic strain is available You can input the youngs modulus, initial density, thermal exponent, yield stress, plastic strain etc (according to your data) in Mat law 2 Note: use IFLAG=1, if you do not know the Hardening parameter(b) and exponent(n).
  3. Hi Chandan Nagaraja Can you reinstall the student edition, from the link provided in the mail send to you and try again? If the problem still exists, share the screenshot or an image of your issue.
  4. Pranav Hari

    How to extract the Best middle surface

    Hi Curro Capi de Camas As you mentioned, since you need to check the mesh quality for different quality criterion, then the CheckQualityOfElements.tcl can help you. Instead of setting the quality criterion manually in HM, you can set it in the script (edit the script with your quality parameters) and the script automatically stores the failed elements in sets.
  5. Pranav Hari

    Model Coal Sloshing in Tank due to Inertia Using SPH

    Hi aymanalsukhon Try this example also from Radioss help. You can get the example model files from your installation directory for eg: (C:\Program Files\Altair\2017\demos\hwsolvers\radioss)
  6. Pranav Hari

    Implementation of Thermoplastic Material in RADIOSS

    Hi Begoña You can use MAT law 74. This law describes the Thermal Hill orthotropic 3D material and is applicable only to solid elements. The yield stress may depend on strain rate, or on both strain rate and temperature. Check Radioss help for more details regarding the material. We also have tutorials on bird strike simulation, which is discussed on the Radioss e-book. Have a look at that too. https://altairuniversity.com/free-ebooks-2/free-ebook-crash-analysis-with-radioss-a-study-guide/
  7. Pranav Hari

    How to extract the Best middle surface

    Hi Curro Capi de Camas As Q.Nguyen-Dai mentioned, the parameters you mentioned above are for checking the quality of FE Mesh However, check whether these TCL scripts can help you. weldedStructureMidSurfTool_v3.8.tcl This Scripts can be used for Structures, where each Component represents one sheet metal part of uniform thickness. For each Component one midsurface component and one associated property will be created. The comp/prop names use the volume components name following a thickness string.The assembly hierarchy of the solid model is mirrored for the midsurface model. CheckQualityOfElements.tcl This script checks the displayed elements for quality. the checks are the standard checks of the check elements panel. threshold values are set in scriptfailed elements are put into sets element and node sets
  8. Hi moeen You should give the input in the form of rev/sec. The radians per second is the SI unit of angular velocity. Here if you have the input in the form of rad/sec, then you have to convert it into rev/sec while inputting into HyperMesh. ω = 1 rad/s, corresponds to a frequency of rotation of 60/(2π) rpm ≈ 9.55 rpm
  9. Hi moeen In RFORCE card, you have a provision to input rotational velocity or acceleration. If you have the units of Rev/sec, then you need to input under the velocity. If you have the unit of rev/sec2 then, you need to input under acceleration. In your case, you can input the value under angular velocity.
  10. Pranav Hari

    Hypermesh-abaqus begginer help

    Hi You can get these tutorials from HyperWorks online help. Go to Help > HyperWorks desktop from Menu panel. You can get the model files from your installation directory (C:\Program Files\Altair\2017\tutorials\hm\interfaces). If you are using a Student edition, then you will get the model files from the Altair learning library. https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/?type=learninglibraryitem&search=student+edition&filter_resource_type=&filter_discipline=&filter_language=&filter_source=
  11. Hi moeen R1, R2, R3 are rectangular components of the rotation direction vector. The vector defined will pass through point G You can specify the direction of rotation by defining R1, R2, R3. Have a look at this example file where the direction of rotation or Rforce is defined in the Z direction. set2.fem
  12. Pranav Hari

    How to extract the Best middle surface

    Hi It depends on the type and complexity of the geometry. You can share the model or any images for better understanding. Have a check at these generic videos on Midsurface creation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVhdewZupGs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQr9huW_TEI
  13. Pranav Hari

    opening problems

    Hi JuliaSchenckel One of the causes of the error message is due to the unsupported graphics card. Are you able to proceed into HyperWorks/Hyperstudy by ignoring this message log?
  14. Pranav Hari

    Altair Flux 3D - Translating Volume vs. Body?

    Hi pmmotorguy123 Can you please explain more about your requirement by sharing some images or the model.
  15. Pranav Hari

    Opening problems

    Hi Nikita Solovyev This error message appears because the Nvidia Geforce series are not officially supported by HyperWorks. However, you can still work on it by ignoring the error. You may experience some graphical issues in the future. See the recommended GPU's for HyperWorks. HyperWorks_2017_Hardware_Recommendations_and_Certifications.pdf