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  1. Pranav Hari


    Hi Antonis I was able to run analysis and obtain results from my end. I used HyperWorks 2017 student edition and OptiStruct as the solver. Can you please tell which version of HyperWorks and solver you are using. I was able to run h Thanks
  2. Pranav Hari

    Zero-Length Spring Creating

    Hi Omer Faruk GUMUS Spring type 8 is a six degrees of freedom spring: three translations and three rotations. It is often used to model a joint connection between two parts. You can even assign mass and inertia to a type 8 spring if you want to study the load conditions. It depends on the application whether to use it or not. In this case we are not assigning because we are considering for a joint and the DOFs are of interest. Please check the Radioss theory manual for more details regarding the type 8 spring Thanks
  3. Pranav Hari

    Radioss solver Error % Control

    Hi AJM If the error is positive, there is an energy creation. If the positive energy error is high, the source of this energy has to be identified. Normally, the energy error must be negative and decreasing (except for the first cycle ). The possible reasons for high energy error are: Incompatible Kinematic Conditions Timestep too low because of mesh size or high interface penetrations/distortions in the structure. Please check these forum posts where the energy errors were resolved earlier. Please share the model if the issue persist. Thanks
  4. Pranav Hari

    25HW License server use on 2 PC

    Hi At the first invoke of a Solver application, the HWUs will level against HyperWorks applications already running on the same machine In your case you are already running Hypermesh in which 21 units are already drawn, so invoking a solver like Optistruct for the same machine will take 4 more units, so that it will level up to 25 HWUs. This will not work with the 2nd computer as the 25 units are already used by the 1st computer for running Optistruct. Thanks
  5. Pranav Hari

    25HW License server use on 2 PC

    Hi MBA I think this is answered here You can upgrade the license. Thanks
  6. Pranav Hari

    MAT22 Material and Property Settings

    Hi H. Huebner Thanks for the update
  7. Pranav Hari

    Self-contact settings type 7

    Hi Cekke_ For defining self contact you can use general purpose interface Type 7. The parameters vary according to the conditions of your interface and simulation. However these are some recommended parameters You can get more information regarding this interface from Radioss help document See this parameters defined in the reference model file of a crash test. Thanks
  8. Pranav Hari

    License Error

    Hi Victor96 GeForce are NVIDIA's consumer-branded cards. Officially, HyperWorks only supports NVIDIA Quadro workstation-branded graphics cards. These graphics cards offer higher performance and full OpenGL support for using CAD and CAE applications Check the list of supported Nvidia cards for your reference Thanks
  9. Pranav Hari

    25HW License server use on 2 PC

    Hi You can check all details regarding licensing unit and draw system from online help. https://altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/2017/help/hw/intro/hw.htm?product_licensing_unit_draw.htm Thanks
  10. Pranav Hari

    License Error

    Hi Check this doc also which was shared earlier. This as well has some suggestions on how to effectively install your drivers. hyperworks_2018_hardware_recommendations_and_certifications.pdf
  11. Pranav Hari

    License Error

    Hi check this too while installing your driver.
  12. Pranav Hari

    License Error

    Hi If you have already reinstalled, no need for deleting the settings file. You can try updating driver version as suggested and have a check. May be it will work Thanks
  13. Pranav Hari

    License Error

    Hi Victor96 Did you try reinstalling the software? If not can you please try that. update driver version also as suggested Thanks
  14. Pranav Hari


    Hi vishruthdilip Skews in Radioss are used to define local directions or coordinate system. These directions can be used to apply Boundary conditions, Concentrated load and fixed velocity Skews can be used to define: Rigid link orientation Rigid body added inertia frame General spring reference frame Beam type spring initial reference frame Nodal time history output frame Please check this video on skew creation for better understanding Check this discussion about skew definition also Thanks
  15. Pranav Hari

    Metal foam density

    Hi Farper if you just want to know the density difference between two conditions here is a suggestion: You can create the model without voids and give the material properties of Al7075 (E, u and Rho) and find out the mass value from Tools > mass calc Then you can create the model with voids and give all similar material properties. you can now see the masses will be different. So comparing both these mass values you can arrive at the new density of your model with voids. Thanks