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  1. Hi Refer this Forum post also to resolve Warning 1971
  2. Hi @Teja Hope this forum post may help you
  3. Hi @Mrt You can get it from here https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/hypermesh-12-0-hexa-meshing-a-steering-wheel/
  4. Hi NFMOREIRA You can learn the basics of scripting from the online tutorials available in HM help. Hope these links may help you.
  5. Hi @NFMOREIRA If the nodes are associated with the elements, there is option to find attached using TOOLS > FIND option in HyperMesh However there is no direct option to find based on Tolerance. For this you may need to do customized scripting or automation.
  6. Hi @jzy200 Unless you have a backup of the model, you cant restore the geometry. Once you save a file, all previous data history will be deleted If you are in the same session, then you can use undo option.
  7. Hi @Busra ASlan I hope the tutorial shared here on Hexa mesh will help you. Tutorial_steeringwheel_hexa.pdf
  8. Hi OK we will check and revert
  9. Hi Busra Aslan Can u share with us more details about the model or a snippet of it.
  10. Hi Lokesh Katari Rigid bodies are ideal representations of solid bodies or parts of fixed shape and size. They are highly useful in simulations where deformation of a part is negligible. A rigid body has 6 DOF, and each rigid body added to a system adds an additional 6 DOF. Flexible bodies, or flex bodies, are used to model elastic deformation of bodies in a system. The flex body connects to its neighboring elements and bodies through interface nodes.
  11. Hi Iulen The file has been shared to your email. Hope you received it The free edges were fixed and the surface was repaired to enclose an volume.
  12. Hi Iulen The free edges on the model has been fixed and the file is shared with you. You can now do 3D tetra meshing as it encloses a volume.
  13. Hi, Try these 2 options below to reslove it. Select elements instead of surface and try again or Delete all existing FE entities associated with connectors and releasized. The duplicate rigid elements may cause this issue. If the problem still exists sent us your file through the secure file transfer link. We will check and reply https://ftin.india.altair.com:8443/filedrop/~Ma3TaE
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