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  1. Hi Check this pdf too https://altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Collision_Detection.pdf
  2. Hi Teja Type 3 interface is mainly used for shell plates initially in contact. If the two plates are modeled with a gap between the two meshes, try using interface TYPE7
  3. Hi Pritish Avachat Go to Tools > penetration check. select the group or component you want to check and click on check. Then click on "write result to file" option and save the file in the required format
  4. Hi Teja Can you please share the model file. You can use secure link if needed https://ftin.india.altair.com:8443/filedrop/~Ma3TaE
  5. Hi Teja Yes, it is possible See whether this example file can help you Interference_Fit_rad_s2_0001.rad Interference_Fit_rad_s2_0000.rad
  6. Hi Camille Did you check online Radioss help regarding the same? According to the doc, if you are simulating bending then Type 3 beam is preferred
  7. Hi ran2792 Which solver are you using?
  8. Hi Joao you will get the result in the .h3D file. You can open it in HyperView and change the result type to strain energy Also, check this pdf document about strain energy summation Calculating The Part Total Strain Energy File.pdf
  9. Hi Joao Did you try this? Create an element Set for the part or component you are interested in. If you want the entire model, you can select all the elements of the model When you are creating ESE card in control cards, change ESE_V1 to SID and call the element set in SID. This will contour Strain energy for the elements in that particular component. Check this and let us know
  10. Hi GAJENDRA KUMAR NHAICHANIYA Can you please share all the .OUT files and also which version of HyperWorks are you using?
  11. Hi Deivamoorthy The result or output values depend upon the input which you are providing. We cannot conclude whether 1 is ok for strain unless we know the inputs defined. Can you please share the .OUT and rad files and also your end objective
  12. Hi Gopi T For checking the connectivity of 3D mesh, you have to use Tools > faces
  13. Hi GAJENDRA KUMAR NHAICHANIYA The demo files in the pdf referred above are shared. You can refer this to understand the steps involved in performing the analysis SNAP_IMP_0000.rad SNAP_IMP_0001.rad
  14. Hi Tejas J Check the online help for basis documentations on batchmesh Also, check the tutorial HM-3140: Batch Meshing
  15. Hi Juan Iradier I suggest the following steps 1. Mesh the grey part using solid map mesh 2. Extract face of the grey part and project it to one of the faces of the blue part 3. With the projected mesh as the base, do a solid map mesh or use drag elements to mesh the blue part
  16. Hi DanielO Can you please share the model file and explain more about your issue
  17. Hi Rod You can model tapered section in Hypermesh 1D. As tapered section has variable cross-section it is advised that it should be modeled in 3D for better accuracy Check these forum post that discusses a similar topic Watch these videos for a better understanding of 3D modeling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvzAuHKi4eU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMuBhm21lSU
  18. Hi jyoti Have a look at the tutorial HM-4320 and HM- 4330 from online help.
  19. Hi Saravanan R Have a look at this e-book, page 209 onwards which discusses on connectors https://altairuniversity.com/free-ebooks-2/free-ebook-practical-aspects-of-finite-element-simulation-a-study-guide/ Also, refer to this pdf https://altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/HM_1D_Extract.pdf
  20. Hi Dinh ST The error is because you are trying to assign Hexa element property to Penta elements. If you are using the current methodology for meshing while rotating the elements, for the 2D elements at the centre Penta elements are created, while hexa is created for other 2 rows. So the workaround is that you can select the other 2 rows leaving the center elements, rotate it and hexa elements are created Then select the centre row elements and do a solid map to get Hexa elements Now the entire mesh will be hexa elements and you can use the hexa element property
  21. Hi yehoo I can see from the .OUT file, that the gravity has zero value. Please update it Also, the shell elements are not assigned with PSHELL property. Check and ensure whether all the shell elements (quad4) are assigned with a PSHELL property. If the error still persists, please share the model file. You can use the secure transfer link if needed. https://ftin.india.altair.com:8443/filedrop/~Ma3TaE
  22. Hi adriortnu You have to define a local coordinate system to the elements while pre-processing itself. You can use Analysis > systems
  23. Hi yehoo Can you please elaborate more on your issue. Share the .OUT file also
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