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  1. I am trying to get a Altair Student Edition from altair website. After filling the details in the form, and agreeing for terms and conditions, I clicked on submit button, but the site crashed. Afterwards, I re-filled everything in the form and it says that each email can be used to apply for 5 times. I have not recieved any email stating that my request for Altair Hypermworks has been recieved. I need help regarding this. Thanks in advance.
  2. How can I export a set of components from one .hm file to another new .hm file?
  3. I am trying a motion simulation for gear train. While running the motionsolve i am getting error-"Contact graphics undefined for contact force" can anyone please help me with this?
  4. I am trying to run motion simulation for epicyclic gear train. It consists of 1 central gear and 3 planetary gears meshed with outer ring gear. I am not able to mesh any of the planetary gears with the central gear. How should I do this?
  5. My model in motionview consists of many bodies. I am trying to find output of angular velocity of only one body. I am unable to do this. Can you please help?
  6. Can you refer documentations/ tutorials/ model files for sheet metal and plastic components
  7. What the differences between sheet metal and plastic components when it comes to meshing? i.e. how do you identify whether the component given to you is a sheet metal or plastic one? I am new to meshing in this field and please tell the differences between meshing of these compnents.
  8. I have been given a component where the quality criteria is assigned to work between the 2d element length of 3 to 10mm avg length being 4mm. I am trying to mesh my component with 2D automesh. Since checking element length after meshing every time and deleting the whole mesh to rectify it is a tedious and time consuming job, is there any way to do it in a faster way?
  9. I am trying to mesh this given sheet metal component by defeaturing it but unable to remove T-junctions(yellow lines). I tried going through various methods but unable to get the solution. Please help me with this.
  10. I am looking for hypermesh practice files for improving my skills to perform well in interviews. Please share any links or documentations where I find model files under the specified quality criteria. Also, please share some tips through which meshing can be performed in lesser time. Thanks in advance.
  11. I am trying to simulate a model on AcuSolve in hyperworks and when i try to run solver the Solver exec dir is missing. I have attached a pic for your reference. Please help me with this.
  12. Can you please provide some practice files for 2D meshing?
  13. Also please do provide some guidelines on improving errors when checking for 2D elements like jacobian, warpage, aspect ratio, skewness etc.
  14. I am trying to mesh 2D surfaces. I got some errors at various points and don't know how to rectify them. Can you please provide some tutorials containing models with solutions for practice regarding 2D mesh. I need to be proficient with meshing and please provide some basic guidelines on rectifying errors.
  15. Thank you, sir. Appreciate your time and help.
  16. Sir, I am going through the tutorials and expecting files. Please share the files as soon as possible.
  17. Hello can you provide the supporting file(s) used in this tutorial
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