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  1. Sagar Motwani

    Segmentation Error

    Hi George, My script is for selecting some bad (nearby/ attached) surface elements on same plane, moving it to Temp component/ collector and then remeshing those edges nodes using Spline option in 2D Panel. When, I delete that Temp Component at the end, I am getting Segmentation Error. I tried deleting setting files, seems to not work out. Still getting, Segmentation Error when I delete that Temp Component, using "*deletemark components 1". Thanks, SAGAR
  2. Sagar Motwani

    To capture element quality check display messages

    Thanks Tinh and Imoto . This worked fine [.mainFrame.bottom.leftfrm.label cget -text]. As you told, HyperMesh and HyperMesh Desktop are using different frame.
  3. Sagar Motwani

    To capture element quality check display messages

    Hi Roshan and Tinh, The command "set Message [.mainFrame.bottom.message_label cget -text]" seems to work fine in Hm 14.0.130. But, is throwing error - bad window or invalid command name ".mainFrame.bottom.message_label", for Hypermesh above HM 14.1 and also HM 2017. Can you please suggest any solution to this. Thanks, SAGAR
  4. I have come across "Segmentation Error" in my script. Script is for seleting particular surface elements and remeshing it with Spline option, and deleting prev. elements on user satisfaction. The script seems to be fine in context of Syntax and API uses. It would be helpful, if someone could tell me the common causes for this error. And, better, if someone could suggest solution to this problem. We thought it as error caused due to memory limitation. So, we have also used *clearmark every now and then. But, seems to not affect that much. Thanks, SAGAR MOTWANI
  5. Hi, Is there any API or any way that can help me "to Disable writing Command.tcl file" through script/ code. I have only came across manual way, HM menu>> Preferences >> Script Performance >> (check) Disable writing to the command file. Thanks, SAGAR
  6. Hi, Tinh. I think, i got confused reading any file using TCL with reading a file in HyperView. I am totally new to HyperView Coding, but I have handy knowledge of HyperMesh code. It would be great, if someone would suggest or share link to Basics of HyperView Coding. Thanks, SAGAR MOTWANI
  7. I know how to read/ write files using TCL, even I have automated many things in HyperMesh. Its just, I am new to HyperView automation, and need some guidance only.
  8. I have Modal file .bdf file and Time Result file .h3d file (of order 0.5 to 8.0). Now, I want to export this file into UNV. I have all required info of Element Ids, Subcases, Result type- Stress, Components, with me. Also, I know the manual way to approach this. Can someone help me with HyperWork Script to automate this thing? Thanks, SAGAR MOTWANI
  9. What does "atta" and "attb" (attribute no. 5 and 6) in HM api "*optiresponsecreate", are for ? The forum at '' is showing "atta" and "attb" are - "The attributes of a response". Can someone explain me in detail about that ? Or how to get and use those attributes of api "*optiresponsecreate" in a TCL script.