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  1. teju

    eigen modes

    hai@mel.. Ok then i will try in some other modelling tool.. thank you ..
  2. teju

    eigen modes

    hi.. i want to calculate eigen mode values in feko. as it is mentioned in the below attachment that the characteristic mode analysis in Altair website only.. but it was not cleared about how to assign and calculate eigen mode values.. as i want to calculate for a eigen mode values for a box(cuboid). can anyone help me... thank you.. FEKO_Quarterly_June_2012.pdf
  3. teju

    mesh error

    Hai @MvdM i applied all your suggestions to the model like identifying the error parts by using finding elements technique and the tools to remove the error parts. but it go on showing the errors at some other different places. thanking you
  4. teju

    mesh error

    hi.. thank for your responses.. but i cant rectify the problem.. I attached the model in this request.. after performing union operation also it again shows the same error.. so plz help me to sort out..
  5. teju

    mesh error

    hi.. thank you for your response. firstly i will try without union, at that time i will get the same error with some other triangle numbers. after union it shows the same error as i attached in previous .
  6. teju

    mesh error

    hi. can anyone help me to sort out this error. error:2331 two triangular surface patch overlap. thank you..
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