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  1. So now i runned (with help from the tutorial OS-1315) a transient analysis and this looks good so far. But now i got another question, is it possible to replace the dynamic load with a mass point? Furthermore, i got the problem that i am not able to get the natural frequency anymore. For better understanding maybe the files will help. TestTrans.h3d TestTrans.mvw TestTrans_tran.mvw
  2. Thank you for your reply! I tried to use "normal modes" analysis but i with this, i´m on the wrong way. I only learned the basic knowledge of HyperMesh and now for a research i have to deepen my knowledge in damped vibrations and forced vibrations. Should i try it with FRF analysis?
  3. Hi there. I got a problem, i want to plot the amplitude of a simple spring-mass-system in HyperGraph. The problem is, i don´t know which load steps or control cards i have to define. This is an example how it should look like: I need to know how to do that because in the next step, i have to design a spring-damper-system to visualize the damping with HyperGraph. I would any appreciate any help of you. Greetings
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